Simple Thing Sunday:: Beach Feet

I love the beach.  I always have… for as long as I can remember.  The sound of the water. The feel of sand under my feet.  The sun shining on my face.  A breeze blowing my hair.




A few weeks back, the Girlies and I went to South Haven, Michigan for a girls only beach getaway.

South Haven Beach Feet

The simple thing I’m rejoicing about today is remembering our getaway and sharing my love of the beach with our Girlies.

P.S.  Even though Mr. Rosey wasn’t with us, he was in spirit… err… maybe in feet.  When I look to the left and to the right, I see his feet.  Both Girlies have their Daddy’s feet.  Ahhhh…


My Super 7 Aha Moments at Haven 2013!

My 7 Aha Moments Haven 2013Remember when I was talking about going to Haven 2013.  And how I was hoping to make some new bloggie friends.   And how I was hoping my brain would hum with information overload.  And I was hoping to be awestruck by all the creativity and positive energy.  Guess what?  All my hopes came true.

I did meet some amazing women who are now friends and I share about them here.  Brain humming?  Check.  There was a crazy amount of genius over two days!

My Super 7 Aha Moments at Haven 2013!

I learned sooooo many things about blogging, creating, and inspiring that there is no way I can capture all the nuggets of goodness in one writing.  And yet I’ll try to share a few things that touched me.

1.  “No way.  No how.  I couldn’t successfully blog without the love and support of Mr. Rosey and our Girlies.”Haven Love Note from MandC

For four days, Mr. Rosey kept the kiddos alive and held down the fort.  Whoot~whoot!  This may seem trivial.  But really, any parent who normally doesn’t stay home with kids quickly comes to learn that it’s no easy task to be the chef, cruise director, referee, cheerleader, comforter, medic, hair stylist (try to comb hair into a ponytail if you never do it), chauffeur, arbitrator, chief picker upper and more.  It was good for the three of them to hang out together for the weekend.  It was great for me to go to Haven.  (I adore the love note the Girlies texted me.)  And it was awesome to come home!

2.  “Be really good at one thing and good enough with everything else.”

Friday morning kicked off with the inspiring Ana White.  If you’ve never been to Ana’s blog, go!  She designs and builds furniture and shares her knowledge on her blog.  Her presentation was to be your best self.  Be original.  Don’t worry about all the other stuff.  (Whew!  I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about all the other stuff.)  “The tortoise wins, not the hare.  Spend 100% of your blogging time on good content.  Post good content and the readers will find you.”  Wow!  So true.  You found me.  Thank you!

3.  “I must move Our Rosey Life to be a self-hosted blog!”

I had a mild panic attack when the rock star, Karianne of Thistlewood Farms, shared her “must haves for a basic blog design”.  Huge!!  The wheels are already rolling on this one and no worries.  The panic attack has subsided.  For my readers, moving to a self-hosted blog means an even better experience for you!  Can’t beat that.  This will be a learning process for me and won’t happen overnight.  And for sure, hang on, because it’ll be a fun ride.  How do I ever thank Karianne for her brilliance and then sharing her brilliance?

4.  “Natural light is my friend.”

It’s such a simple idea.  Little Miss Sunshine is the best for getting the best picture.  This tip came from Photographing Projects and Rooms with Kristin Duke of Capturing Joy.  I love this gal.  She gave us lots of advice on staging a photo, tools she uses to stage, camera equipment needs, camera angles, camera settings, how to create natural light when there is none.  Find the best window (or maybe it’s an open door) in your home with natural light and that’s the best spot to take pictures.  Simple.  Right?  She shares all of her notes from class here.  She also has two books about photography, which have been added to my birthday wish list.  All her tips will work for you too.  Check them out.  Awesome!

5.  “Find your own style!”

Chalk & Milk Paint BoardsI took this uber cool painting technique class by Marion from Miss Mustard Seed and Shauna from Perfectly Imperfect.  We played with milk paint and chalk paint.  Candace at Vintage News Junkie did a great post on the How Tos and What Fors.  Check it out.  Besides all the tips and techniques, one of the best things they said was to find your own style.  Create your own furniture painting signature.  Personally, I think copies are flattering and original is best.  I can’t wait to play with paint and find my own style.  Isn’t that what we’re all hoping to do?  Create our own style and make our home special and unique?

6.  “I can use a power tool (and not kill myself).”

At Woodworking 101, the fabulous folks at Ryobi Tools and Kreg Tool Company explained the basics of working with wood and then gave us a chance to try out a bunch of power tools – drill, impact driver, saws… so cool for me to do this, because I was nervous.  I can’t wait to buy our first power tools and get building something.

7.  “Don’t wear bling on your shirt if you plan to fly.”

Bling TshirtWhat?  I’m sure you’re wondering.  When I was going through O’Hare airport security, everyone did the full body scan.  No big deal.  After my full body scan, I tried to scoot through to get my shoes cuz I’m a little skeeved that my bare feet were touching the dirty floor.  And the TSA lady stops me and says she needs to pat me down.  Whaaat?  And then she points to the bling on my shirt.  “Your do dads on your shirt set off the machine.  I need to pat you down.”  So I let the TSA lady do a pat down and then a hand swipe for bomb residue.  By the way… the only residue they found on my hands was cream cheese from my bagel at breakfast.  True story.  Who knew?

The sky is the limit and it applies to everything you and I do in life.  Really, we are all limited by our own boundaries we set for ourselves.  I need to follow my passion.  Do what I love.  Find my happiness.  The sky IS the limit and it’s up to me.

So will I go to Haven 2014?  You betcha!  And I hope you go too and we have a chance to meet.

More bloggers share their stories about Haven 2013 here.  Check them out!  There is some awesomeness happening.

Special Someones – My Haven Conference Experience

Sand Heart HavenDo you remember your first day of school as a high school Freshman?  I remember.  I was nervous…and excited.

The night before my first day, I remember spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear.  I lived in Arizona at the time, so it was HOT.  Do I wear a sundress?  No, that’s not right.  Jeans?  No way, sweaty mess.  Shorts?  Yeah, I think shorts is good.  Maybe the pink shorts?  Yeah… pink is good.  Whew!  I have the bottoms figured out.  Now what about a top?  Oh my…Backpack, Folders, Pencils

Is my backpack ready to go?  Notebooks?  Check.  Pencils?  Check.  Class schedule?  Yep.  As I’m digging through my backpack, I wonder who’s going to be in my class?  Will anyone be my friend?  Who will I sit with at lunch?  I’m the new girl.

As with most high schools, several middle schools fed into the high school.  Same for me, except my family had just moved to Arizona and I knew no one.  Not a soul.  I was nervous and then I remembered that no one knew that I didn’t know anyone.  I knew a lot of people would know someone, but no one would know everyone.  There would be a lot of someones and anyones and everyones, but we’d all be new ones to someone.

Are you with me?

Fast forward to my Freshman year of Haven.  Haven 2013.  I’m wearing my cute purple maxi sundress.  Got my tote bag?  Check.  Enough business cards?  Check.  Fun pink lip gloss. Yep.  Wearing a smile?  Sorta.Purple Maxi Dress

And I step onto the Japanese garden for the kickoff cocktail party and there is a sea of new faces.  An ocean of beautiful women… smiling… chatting… cocktailing.  (Cocktailing: Verb | meaning holding a festive drink while smiling and chatting).  There was music and lots of cocktailing.

And off I go.  The new girl.  Hoping to meet everyone or someone or anyone and certainly not no one.

And I did… meet some special someones… while cocktailing and in class and at lunch and eating dinner… who are now a few of my new bloggie friends.

I didn’t take many pictures (I’ve no idea why.), so click on the link to read more about a few of the special someones I met during Haven 2013.  Actually, they are more than special.  They are aaaamazing!  I had a great Haven Freshman experience and I can’t wait until my Sophomore year!

My First Blog Conference… Ever

The Haven (south haven)You aren’t going to believe it.  I can’t believe it either.  Take a breath…

I’m going to my first blog conference.  Yep.  It’s true.

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  But I’m much more excited.  I’m ready to learn so many new things that my brain will start to hum from information overload (or is that the bubbly?).  I hope I’ll make some new bloggie friends.  I know I’ll laugh and cry, because I’m laughing so hard (with my new bloggie friends).  I can’t wait to be awestruck by all the creativity and positive energy.  I’m sure so many amazing things will happen that I can’t even begin to imagine at this point in time.

In one day… I’m going to my first blog conference.  And not just any conference.  I’m going to Haven in Atlanta, Georgia.

I know.  I’m still pinching myself.

If you’ve never heard of Haven, its tagline is “because there’s no place like home”.  How cool is that?  And don’t you believe it too?  There IS no place like home.Rainbow over gazebo

Haven brings together like-minded DIYers and interior design bloggers who like to  build window seats or paint furniture or sew window treatments or accessorize a bookcase… anything to make a house your own special home.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  A group of people who love their home and want to make it beautiful and uniquely theirs come together to learn and share ideas.  Sweet!

Ok.  Ok.  I know you’re wondering “Why the heck is Michele going to Haven though?”  She’s never used a drill or a saw or any sort of power tool.  She’s never painted a piece of furniture and she took home ec about a million gazillion years ago, which means she hasn’t sewn a stitch in that long too.  Ok.  Fair point, but…

Can you keep a secret?  Shhh…  I’ll tell you.

I want to learn.  There.  I said it.  I want to LEARN!

As Big Sis M says “Mom you’re the best cooker!”  Well I wasn’t always the best cooker, but I learned.  I took classes.  I practiced.  I burned a few pot roasts.  And I learned.  I want to learn how to use a sander.  I really want to learn how to use a drill, because those things kinda scare me.  I want to paint a piece of furniture and have it stand beautifully in our home.  I want to look around my home and spy the extra special things I did to make our home the best place for Mr. Rosey, the Girlies and me.  More sweet!  Right?

But wait…there’s more.  There will be classes on how to make this rosey little blog a bloomin’ garden of roses.  Yep.  Our Rosey Life will be coming up roses… or something like that.  I’m just so giddy like when the Girlies walk into a candy store… eyes wide open and smiling.Chocolate cupcake

So that’s the good news.  I’m going to my first blog conference this weekend and I can’t wait!  And do you want to know about the icing on top of the cake (I’m staying with the sweet theme here)?  I’ll bring back all the creative goodness I learn and share it with you too.  I’ll post pictures to over the weekend, if you want some sneak peaks.

Simple Thing Sunday: Just Us Girls

20130728-223422.jpgHi. I’ve been away for a while and now I’m back, so I thought a simple thing Sunday would be a great way to say hello again.

The Girlies and I took a short vacation to South Haven, Michigan last week. It’s the first time we’ve vacationed without Daddy, although he did drive up to spend one night with us.  It was fabulous!  We played Marco Polo in the pool.  We built sand castles on the beach and screamed when a wave crashed on the castle. We climbed monkey bars at the park. We licked Blue Cow ice cream cones. We oooed and ahhhed at all the amazing hydrangeas (ok that was really me).  We marveled at the beauty of sunsets over Lake Michigan. We laughed and smiled and giggled together.
The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is the encouragement I received from Mr. Rosey… for just us girls to have vacation fun on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Happy 4th of July

American Flag“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”  ~Erma Bombeck

When I came across this quote from the very funny writer, Erma Bombeck, I thought “Yes, that’s how our family celebrates the fourth each year.  It’s about family, friends, food, fun togetherness and fireworks.”  We certainly are thankful for our forefathers who fought to establish the USA and very thankful for those who serve in our military today.  We hang Old Glory by the front door and wear red, white and blue.  We count our blessings and remember our freedoms.  And then we pile another scoop of potato salad on a plate next to a watermelon slice and enjoy the fireworks.

I hope you celebrate July 4th as Erma would.  And I will too.  Happy 4th!

Simple Thing Sunday: Lost Tooth

Little Miss C went from tears to smiles all within an hour.  Little girls can do this easily.

During gymnastics, she did a flip and whacked her knee into her nose.  I don’t recommend doing this.  There was lots of blood and lots of tears.  Once I stopped the bloody nose and comforted Little Miss C, she went back on the floor for the last 10 minutes… flipping and cartwheeling across the mat.

Crisis averted.  Whew!

As we drove home, Little Miss C shouts “Momma, I’m bleeding again.”  As I look in the rearview mirror, I expect to see a bloody nose and upset face.  But no.  She’s…smiling.  What?  I’m confused.  What’s going on?

I quickly pass the kleenex box to Big Sis M so she can ferry it back to Little Miss C.  First things first.  We need to stop the bleeding or at least stop the blood from getting all over the place.  Yes, I know.  My child is bleeding and I’m worrying about blood stains in the car at the same time.  I can’t help it.  My brain just works that way.

The bleeding stops easily.

Crisis averted.  Whew!  And she’s still smiling?  Me – confused.  Her – happy.

Me:   “Little Miss C, why are you smiling?”
Little Miss C:  “This Momma.” And she holds her hand in the air, with her fingers pinched together, kinda like the Statue of Liberty holds her torch.
Of course, I see nothing.
Me: “What is it?”
Little Miss C:  “It’s my tooth!!!” she says with a “DUH” tone of voice.
Me:  “You lost your tooth???”  Dumbfounded.  I wonder if the tooth fairy knows?

1 lost tooth

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is Little Miss C plucking out her front tooth, as we drive home from gymnastics.  And of course, her toothless smile!