Right Now – April 2013

Yippee! Today the sun is shinning. It actually feels hot. The windows are open and fresh air is blowing in the house (so is the pollen but that’s another story). Hello springtime in Chicagoland…finally.

Cute sparkly sandalsRight now in my little corner of the world, I’m

  • wearing cute sandals.
  • reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD.
  • clearing out the first floor of our home to get ready for hardwood floors to be installed.
  • flipping through a catalog of toilets for the powder room.  Who knew there are so many toilet options? Not just plain ‘o flushing anymore.
  • researching summer fun stuff for the Girlies.
  • cheering for Little Miss C at her first softball game.C First Base Run
  • looking forward to watching the Girlies and Mr. Rosey dance at their recital on Saturday.
  • planning a surprise trip for the family to the most magical place on earth.
  • excited for lunch with girlfriends tomorrow.  It’s been way too long.
  • ordering a new light fixture for the guest bedroom.
  • listening to the wind blow and the bell chime outside.

Right Now – March 2013

Hello there.  Right now in my little corner of the world, I’m …Sunrise Anna Maria

  • most truly blessed to be married to Mr. Rosey and I know it.
  • peaceful as I watch the sun rise over the water of Tampa Bay.
  • happy the sun is shinning on Anna Maria Island (finally) and we can go to the beach or pool.
  • reflecting on all the fun our family had together this vacation… mini golf holes in one, scoops of ice cream, pool splashes, wave crashes, sand between our toes, good books, board games, good food, March Madness, chats, love and laughter.
  • excited to see Sr. Annina and celebrate Easter together.
  • cheering on Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament, particularly Michigan.
  • hoping spring will happen soon at home.
  • planning the vegetable garden, herb garden and flower garden in my head.
  • grateful my sister, Missy, and her family are taking care of Lucy, our dog.
  • thinking I’ll continue my 40 Bags for 40 Days project for a little while longer, even though Lent is ending.
  • keeping this short, because I want to go outside and enjoy my family, the sunshine and our last days of vacation.

Right Now – February 2013

IMG_0369Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • thrilled that the pond is full of water, which is now ice so the Girlies can ice skate.
  • happy the Girlies and Mr. Rosey had a great time at the school Daddy / Daughter dance.
  • planning the details for our spring break trip to Anna Maria Island.
  • dreaming about warm sunshine, walks on the beach with Mr. Rosey and good family togetherness.
  • wishing we could get Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert tickets.
  • coping with a scratchy throat, achy muscles and the start of a cold. Ugh!
  • laughing hysterically over my friend’s story about demolishing her SUV’s roof rack by getting stuck in the American Girl parking garage and another friend’s story about fainting while watching the Mike Tyson ear-bitting fight. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
  • thankful for girlfriends and their friendship.
  • working on my 40 bags for 40 days Lenten commitment. This is a hard one.
  • reading Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale.
  • rejoicing that I have Mr. Rosey in my life. He really is a remarkable husband, father, friend. I’m blessed and I know it.

Right Now – January 2013


Sunrise at home

Right now in my little corner of the world, I’m….

  • rejoicing in my one little word project.
  • reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer.
  • curious about finding the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  • happy that Mr. Rosey is able to come home for dinner and relax on the weekend.
  • excited for Little Miss C, who lost her third tooth.
  • pleased Big Sis M had her expander removed from her mouth.
  • loving cheering Big Sis M at her basketball games.
  • smiling when I see Little Miss C reading with Mr. Rosey.
  • exhausted and glad that Catholic Schools Week is a success and over.
  • watching the rain fall and seeing the pond fill up with water…finally.
  • wondering if it will ever snow.
  • melancholy sometimes.
  • organizing the disaster area also known as my creative space in the office.
  • looking for curtains for the guest bedroom.
  • planning the Super Bowl party menu.
  • journaling with the Day One app – love this one.
  • taking lots of pictures and learning.
  • beginning to document with Project Life.

Right Now – December 2012

DSC02442Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • delighted to celebrate my birthday and will rejoice in my 47th year.
  • munching on our homemade Christmas cookies – cookie love.
  • thankful for a blessed Christmas full of family, friends and faith.
  • appreciating my niece, Sissy, for all her help in making the magic happen.
  • wondering if Christmas can last more than one day.
  • bummed that we have to take down our perfectly, imperfect “Whooville” live Christmas tree.
  • loving the amazing Christmas card my Aunt Judy made for the Girlies.
  • reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and can’t put it down.
  • wanting to read Insurgent by Veronica Roth next.
  • thinking about my one little word for 2013.
  • missing Mimi and Poppa and their joyful presence when they visit us.
  • prepping for Project Life 2013.
  • happy we will be ringing in the new year at home with family while playing games, watching college bowl games and eating good food.
  • excited about the beginning of a new year.  Hello Twenty Thirteen.
  • hoping I can finish my December journal this week.
  • wishing it would snow…really snow.

Right Now – In November 2012

DSC02349Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • appreciating that our family came from Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Iowa to spend Thanksgiving together and to celebrate Little Miss C’s birthday.
  • rubbing my belly, because I’m still full from all the Thanksgiving day goodness.
  • happy that Little Miss C had fun at her birthday pajama party and she loved the clam chowder, meat loaf, brussels sprouts and cheesecake at her family party.
  • printing the story of Jesus and different activity cards to get the Advent calendar ready for Little Miss C and Big Sis M.
  • thanking Sissy for wrapping all the Christmas books – 25 – one for each day til Christmas.
  • giggling when I remember how freezing cold and windy it was when we cut down our first live Christmas tree.


  • grateful that Mimi, Poppa, Little Miss C and Big Sis M put up with Mr. Rosey and I as we ran from tree to tree to find the perfect one.  Our tree is perfectly imperfect and we love it.
  • crafting the pages for my December journal and really delighted to do this project all month.
  • writing my list and checking it twice and if you know me, probably three times.
  • thinking about the Christmas dinner menu.
  • wanting to treasure each moment during December.  It’s very easy for me to get ahead of myself and worry about my “to do” list for tomorrow and not be in the here and now.
  • praying everyone has a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

Right Now – In October 2012

Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • loving that our Girlies had lots of Halloween fun and were so cute as Harry Potter (Big Sis M) and Hermoine Granger (Little Miss C).
  • appreciating that Mr. Rosey could trick or treat with us as well as Aunt Mary, Patty and Nathan and the Lane family.
  • comforting Little Miss C as she cries, because she doesn’t have a Hermoine Granger poster.
  • praying for all the folks impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  What an incredibly powerful storm.
  • contemplating with Mr. Rosey how to teach Big Sis M proper study habits.
  • voting early for my choice for the next President of the United States.
  • looking for the perfect branch for our family thankful tree.
  • eating way too much candy.
  • cleaning out the toy room to hopefully transition it to a study room.
  • decorating our guest bedroom and hoping it’ll be ready when Mimi & Poppa come for Thanksgiving.
  • trying to let the Girlies make their own mistakes… and then learn from them.  This is hard for me.
  • cooking comforting foods.
  • chuckling as Little Miss C tells Lucy to put away her dog toys.  If only.
  • reminding the Girlies to grab coats, hats and gloves as we’re racing out the door for school.  Brrr.
  • researching spring break trip locations.
  • reading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and wondering when book 3 will be released.
  • smiling at our carved pumpkins when I walk in the foyer.
  • designing my December journal pages in my head.
  • watching the last of the red and gold leaves fall off the trees.
  • remembering that Big Sis M has basketball practice in 5 minutes.
  • admiring Big Sis M’s competitive spirit in basketball, as I watch her practice.