The Crap Trap is Gone

IMG_2088I am soooo excited!

No, the Cubs didn’t win the world series… yet.  It’s only spring, so plenty of time.

No, the laundry isn’t magically folding and then placing itself in the proper chest of drawers.

No, I’m not curled up on the couch reading a good book on this rainy day.

I am soooo excited, because of what you don’t see.  Yes, I know you see my cereal bowl and orange juice cup and the book I’m reading (The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton) and the rainbow cloud Little Miss C made at school.  And you see, in the distance, the glorious laundry pile on the couch, which needs to be folded and put away.  Hooray!IMG_2184

Yep, on this day, I am thrilled to see that clean laundry pile on the couch.  Why?  Because I don’t see the crap piled on top of the half wall.  In fact, I don’t even see the half wall.  It’s gone.  Adios.  Ciao.  Au revoir.  I am so happy.

IMG_2166You’d think demolishing a half wall would be simple.  But not here.  That half wall did many things besides hold stuff.  It had two outlets, a cable connection, and two return registers.  Thankfully, I have a good contractor who moved all the necessities and wham!  The wall came down.  Removing the half wall is the first step in some big changes around here.  Stay tuned for more surprises.  I’m so happy.  I said that already and it’s still true!


Right Now – April 2013

Yippee! Today the sun is shinning. It actually feels hot. The windows are open and fresh air is blowing in the house (so is the pollen but that’s another story). Hello springtime in Chicagoland…finally.

Cute sparkly sandalsRight now in my little corner of the world, I’m

  • wearing cute sandals.
  • reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD.
  • clearing out the first floor of our home to get ready for hardwood floors to be installed.
  • flipping through a catalog of toilets for the powder room.  Who knew there are so many toilet options? Not just plain ‘o flushing anymore.
  • researching summer fun stuff for the Girlies.
  • cheering for Little Miss C at her first softball game.C First Base Run
  • looking forward to watching the Girlies and Mr. Rosey dance at their recital on Saturday.
  • planning a surprise trip for the family to the most magical place on earth.
  • excited for lunch with girlfriends tomorrow.  It’s been way too long.
  • ordering a new light fixture for the guest bedroom.
  • listening to the wind blow and the bell chime outside.

Simple Thing Sunday: Sunshine and School Work

Last weekend, we had the first glimpse of sunshine in f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Really forever.

It’s been nonstop raining in the Chicagoland area.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  We (like I had anything to do with it) broke records for rainfall.  Supposedly it is the wettest April on record.  I believe it.

Earlier in the week, my sister asked me what I was doing for the day.  I said “Doing laundry, running some errands, building an ark.”  She called me “Supermom!”  Thanks Sis.  Anyway… I thought I needed to build an ark, because it kept raining and we were going to float downstream.  You get the idea.  Lots of rain.

But finally, the sun broke through and the rain clouds went away.  So when the Girlies wanted to do their school work outside and soak up the sunshine, this Rosey Momma was all in.

Homework outside April 2013Do you remember your first days of spring and that great teacher would take everyone outside to do some schoolwork?  And you thought you had the coolest teacher ever?  Well, that’s the same feeling.  The Girlies couldn’t be happier.  Sunshine will do that.

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is sunshine (and getting school work done without complaint).

Simple Thing Sunday:: Peaceful Moment at the Beach

It’s hard to choose one picture from our vacation to Anna Maria Island. So many great memories and experiences were captured through the camera lens. A lot of “stuff” happened while on vacation – some good, some not so good and then some more good.

When I was scanning through the 200+ pictures, I stopped on this one. And I looked. My first thought as I looked “It’s an imperfect picture, because of my shadow”. But then as I continued to look… maybe it is perfect in its imperfection, much like life. When I look I see…

I see a Dad who took his kids to the beach, even though it was windy and chilly, because his kids really wanted to go. I see a cousin who loves to laugh and jump and cheer on his alma mater to victory. I see an uncle full of playfulness and sensitivity. I see a son who has compassion and understanding. I see a brother who is hurting. I see a husband who loves and supports completely. I see a man soaking up the sun in a peaceful moment.Peter Lying on the AMI Beach

This week I am rejoicing in a peaceful moment at the beach and Mr. Rosey… a father, a cousin, an uncle, a son, a brother, a husband and my best friend.

April Goals

I can’t believe spring break and Easter are over and we’ve marched right into April.  I keep waiting for the first signs of spring to hit Chicagoland.  Not yet.  I’m waiting.  I’m hoping.  I’m sooo done with winter.

When I think about spring… I smile.  For me, spring is about coming out of winter hibernation.   Going for our first bike rides.  Watching the first flowers bloom.  Getting my hands in the dirt and planting.  Raindrops and sunshine and rainbows.  Softball practices.  Deep cleaning the inside of our home.  More bbq grilling.  Sitting on the deck.  Seeing the pond come back to life.  Listening to the bullfrogs sing at night.  There is so much to love about springtime.  And naturally, my goals for myself during April have a springtime perspective.  What are your goals for the beginning of spring?securedownload-2

Simple Thing Sunday (even though it’s Monday):: Lucy

We just got home from our spring break vacation yesterday.  I’ll share more about our family trip to Anna Maria Island soon.  And that’s why I didn’t post my simple, favorite picture from the last week on Sunday.  We were traveling the highways and bi-ways of the midwest toward home.

It is sooooo good to be home.  I love going on vacation with our family.  I love exploring a new place.  I love that Mr. Rosey, the Girlies and I get to spend a whole week together without the demands of school and work.  I love the smiles and giggles and laughs.  I love the memories we make.  I love our togetherness and that we love being together.  And after all the fun, I love coming home.

My sister, Missy, and her family loved on Lucy while we were away, so I know Lucy was in good hands.  (Thanks Missy.)  We missed her so much and were so happy to see her joyfulness when we walked in the house.  Lots of tail wagging, licks and running from the Girlies to Mr. Rosey to me and back again.Lucy Shadows and Sun

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is our dog Lucy.  We love her and I’m glad we’re all home.

Right Now – March 2013

Hello there.  Right now in my little corner of the world, I’m …Sunrise Anna Maria

  • most truly blessed to be married to Mr. Rosey and I know it.
  • peaceful as I watch the sun rise over the water of Tampa Bay.
  • happy the sun is shinning on Anna Maria Island (finally) and we can go to the beach or pool.
  • reflecting on all the fun our family had together this vacation… mini golf holes in one, scoops of ice cream, pool splashes, wave crashes, sand between our toes, good books, board games, good food, March Madness, chats, love and laughter.
  • excited to see Sr. Annina and celebrate Easter together.
  • cheering on Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament, particularly Michigan.
  • hoping spring will happen soon at home.
  • planning the vegetable garden, herb garden and flower garden in my head.
  • grateful my sister, Missy, and her family are taking care of Lucy, our dog.
  • thinking I’ll continue my 40 Bags for 40 Days project for a little while longer, even though Lent is ending.
  • keeping this short, because I want to go outside and enjoy my family, the sunshine and our last days of vacation.