Simple Thing Sunday: Just Us Girls

20130728-223422.jpgHi. I’ve been away for a while and now I’m back, so I thought a simple thing Sunday would be a great way to say hello again.

The Girlies and I took a short vacation to South Haven, Michigan last week. It’s the first time we’ve vacationed without Daddy, although he did drive up to spend one night with us.  It was fabulous!  We played Marco Polo in the pool.  We built sand castles on the beach and screamed when a wave crashed on the castle. We climbed monkey bars at the park. We licked Blue Cow ice cream cones. We oooed and ahhhed at all the amazing hydrangeas (ok that was really me).  We marveled at the beauty of sunsets over Lake Michigan. We laughed and smiled and giggled together.
The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is the encouragement I received from Mr. Rosey… for just us girls to have vacation fun on the beaches of Lake Michigan.


The Funny Adventures of Tuna Noodle Casserole

Here I sit, not feeling so good…not good at all.  There’s my lunch, not eaten, on the dresser.IMG_1811

I was sick at the end of last week through the weekend with a fever, cough, chills and all over blahs. Big blahs. I spent a lot of time in bed and on the couch.  *Ugh*  Luckily for everyone, Mr. Rosey was able to be home to take care of the Girlies… and me.

Saturday morning, Mr. Rosey asked me “What should we have for dinner?” I barely lifted my head off the pillow and opened one eye and was like “Huh?” He had picked up dinner Thursday and Friday night, because I was sick and couldn’t cook. I didn’t think another night of take-out was a great idea, but I still wasn’t moving anywhere near the kitchen. So I thought of the five things Mr. Rosey likes to cook and bingo. “How about making some tuna noodle casserole?  Off he went to the grocery store to pick up the fixin’s for tuna noodle casserole.

When Mr. Rosey moved into his first apartment, his Mom gave him a handwritten book with several recipes that he could cook for himself rather than eating out every night.  Isn’t that awesome? Tuna noodle casserole was one of the recipes, so he’s a master. In fact, it’s one of the recipes he always made when we were dating.  Lots of candlelight tuna noodle casserole dinners in our history.  Let’s all say ahhhhh…

Fast forward 10 years and Mr. Rosey is a little rusty at making tuna noodle casserole. Ok.  Truth.  Very rusty.  He starts preparing the ingredients.  Remember, I’m feverish and flopped on the couch.  He asks me “How do I cut an onion?”  Rusty.DSC03252

{Me} “Uhhh. What do you mean? Use a knife.” I open my eyes and see he pulls out the smallest cutting board and grabs a small knife.  I close my eyes.  I don’t want to watch this. I hear the first couple slices of the onion and then “@*$%@!!!!”.  I open my eyes and ask “What happened?”

{Mr. Rosey} “I nicked my finger.”

{Me}  Even while feverish, the nurse-mom-chief cooker instinct kicks in. “Do you need a band-aid? Make sure you wash the cut? Why don’t you use a bigger knife and cutting board?”

{Mr. Rosey} “No, I”m fine. Grrrr!” I close my eyes. I hear more slices of the onion and then frenetic chopping.  It sounds like a helicopter blade has attacked the onion.  CHOP CHOP CHOP.  I open my eyes again and see Mr. Rosey whacking this poor onion to death.  He’s hunched over the cutting board and it’s obviously Mr. Rosey versus the onion. Who’s gonna win?  I hear more “Grrrr!”

(Sorry for the grainy picture.  I couldn’t get off the couch to get closer, but I had to capture the moment.  Also, please don’t see the mess.  The chief tidier is on the couch, so no one is tidying up the kitchen.)IMG_1815

I close my eyes again and struggle to hold in the hysterical laughter that wants to erupt from my mouth. This – is – NOT – a – good – time – to – laugh.  I roll over, pull the pillow over my head and smother my giggles into the couch cushion.  He can’t hear my laugh and I can’t hear the crazed onion chopping in the kitchen.  It’s a good thing.  ATTENTION:  For all those newly married folks, this is the secret of making a marriage work.  Know when to rollover and laugh into the couch cushion.  Seriously.  We will be married for a gazillion years, because I know the secret.  Now you do too.

Amazingly, all the fixin’s make it into the dish and tuna noodle casserole was served for dinner. It tasted good and I really appreciate that Mr. Rosey made dinner for us.

When Monday morning rolls around, I was feeling a little better and I wanted to tidy up the kitchen and family room.  No tidying was happening while I was in my sick bed. As I’m wiping off the kitchen counters, I keep feeling little bumps on the counter. “What the heck is this?” I start scrubbing and start to smell… onion. Onion?

What the heck?

Oh yes, I remember.  The battle of the onion. I have so many bits of onion all over the counter, on the wall, on the floor from the helicopter chopping.  It’s a wonder that any onion made it into the casserole.

Maybe it didn’t.

Maybe the onion won after all.

Bests and Firsts and Favorites of 2012

It’s a great experience to go through all of our pictures from the year.  It’s amazing to see how many big, little, first, and everyday moments we are blessed with each year.  Here’s a few (ok more than a few) of the bests, firsts and favorites from 2012.  Enjoy (and smile too)!

Best dog, Lucy.
DSC00090First Blackhawks game.IMG_0695 Favorite One Little Word 2012.IMG_5364 Best playtime in the snow fort.DSC00080 First time ice skating…ever.IMG_0703 Favorite new veggie recipe.DSC00221 First 100 days of kindergarten.DSC00240 Best day ice skating on the backyard pond.DSC00287 Favorite moment of Lucy playing with a bug.DSC00414 Best diorama of an orangutan habitat in third grade.DSC00461

Best and happiest refrigerator cleaner, Mimi.DSC00536 Best Leprechaun mischief.DSC00540 Best water slide time in March in Chicagoland (very unusual).DSC00544

First visit to Hogwarts.DSC00603

First Disney cruise.6053891

First swim with dolphins.Atlantis-ATLANTIS-Dolphin Encounter Lagoon 1 Pod D-id10792842

Best Easter egg hunt starting line.DSC00859 Best dancers.DSC00910 Favorite Buddy, the class guinea pig.DSC00274 Favorite “Mad at Momma” face.IMG_0831 Best Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.DSC00936Favorite kindergarten graduateDSC01037

Best tasting lemon birthday cake flop for Poppa.DSC00986 First visit to the Art Institute – A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges-Pierre Seurat.DSC00973 Best nature event – birdies in a nest in our bushes.DSC00957

Favorite South Haven beach spot.DSC01266

Favorite flower picture.DSC01077

Best trip to the Butterfly Exhibit (see the butterfly on Little Miss C’s knee).DSC01069 Favorite water fountain at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
DSC01091 Favorite camp day.DSC01111 First year of softball pitching for Big Sis M.
DSC01113First fish caught.IMG_0869

Best annual Cubs game.DSC01386

First slide down the big water slide alone for Little Miss C.DSC01142 First tooth lost for Little Miss C.
IMG_0881 Best birthday gift for Big Sis M.DSC01188Best, favorite and first 10 year anniversary – love!DSC01644

Best cousin’s backbends.IMG_0941 Favorite Purdue graduate, Sissy.DSC01408 Best baseball at bat by Little Miss C.DSC01438 Best girl time brunch and staycation.DSC01467 Best last day of summer.IMG_1018 First day of school.IMG_1035 Favorite picture with blue umbrellas.DSC01536 Favorite large lollipops.
DSC01547 Favorite family shot.DSC01559 Best friendly football rivalry.
IMG_1229 Best Purdue football fan.
DSC01964 Best Michigan football in the rain and bucket o’ fries fans.DSC01976

Best pumpkin carvers.

DSC02096Favorite (?) and expensive oooops moment.
IMG_1358Best birthday balloon creation.DSC02236

First time cutting down a Christmas tree.DSC02357Best Christmas cookie bakers.

DSC02612Best Whooville Christmas tree.DSC02691

First to wish you peace and love in 2013.DSC02658

Prayer for Peace

Lake Michigan Sunset

Lake Michigan Sunset

It is stil hard for me to understand what happened in Connecticut on Friday.  I don’t want to and haven’t seen all the television and news accounts, because it’s unbearable for me to imagine.  I don’t think the reason “why?” will ever be answered.

But I do know some things.  I do know I feel an incredible sadness for the precious angels and teachers who lost their lives.  I do know I’m praying for the families to find strength and peace to survive their heartbreak.  I do know I hugged our Girlies a little tighter this weekend.  I do know I told our Girlies how blessed we are to be a family and how boundless our love for them is.  I do know I told them they were the best birthday present I ever gave myself.

“Silent night…  Holy night…  Sleep in heavenly peace.  Amen.”

Election Day Fun

With the election day quickly approaching, I’ve had been wondering how to make the election day a special event in the Rosey home.  I’ve been thinking about food (I know shocking) and what to make for dinner (again shocking).  Should I make Chicago dogs and New England clam chowder?  Or should I grill classic American hamburgers?  Hmmm…  I must have been thinking out loud, because then Little Miss C said “Momma, I think you should make heart-shaped blueberry and raspberry pancakes for dinner.  We love pancakes and they’re red, white and blue like the flag.”  Done!

So our election day started by putting up Old Glory this morning and she’s been waving in the November breeze.

Everyone got to vote in the Presidential election.  I voted a week ago and Mr. Rosey voted this morning.  The Girlies had a presidential election at school.  Each student cast a ballot for either President Obama or Governor Romney.  Both Girlies were very excited to vote!  As I was driving Big Sis M, Little Miss C and her friend to basketball, the three of them were chatting about the school’s election.  “I voted for Governor Romney, because President Obama will raise my taxes.”  Do seven-year olds pay taxes in our country now???  Yes, I’m smiling as I listen.  “I voted for President Obama, because Governor Romney will take away my grandma’s medicine.”   Oh no, I’m sure Granny will still get her meds.  Then they reported that another friend said “Did you know that Governor Romney is canceling all PBS Kids shows?”  No way!  Not the loss of PBS Kids shows.  Yep.  Now I’m giggling full-out.  So cute.  As I listened, it was a reminder how impressionable children are.  As parents, we need to encourage and remind them to listen thoughtfully and with logic, even at 6 3/4 and 9 years old.  With all the wackadoo election ads, it’s easy for kids to be influenced by a one liner.  Ok, back to the school election.  I know you’re dying to know who won their school (K-8) election.  It was Governor Romney.

While we were eating dinner, Big Sis M said “I will hate it if …. is elected president and our country will be a disaster”.  Now Mr. Rosey and I have never said that, but clearly she’s hearing it somewhere.  DING, DING, DING and behind curtain #3 is a teaching moment.So I said, “Girlies it’s important to remember both President Obama and Governor Romney are good men.  They both care very much about our country.  They have different ideas about what is best, but the differences are what make our country special.  Regardless of who is the next President of the United States, we have to pray for that man to be successful.  It doesn’t help to hope he does a terrible job.  Then we ALL lose in our country.”

“We have to pray even more the President and Congress learn to work together.  Just like when you and your sister fight over who gets to pick the movie.  You both eventually agree on a movie and we get to have popcorn / movie night.  We have to pray that our government has a lot of popcorn / movie nights.  The goal isn’t to win.  The goal is to be able to find common ground even with our differences.”  At this point, they were ready to chat about something else, so I just said “Pray for whomever is the next President.  Pray that they do a good job for everyone.”   And we ate our pancakes.

Right Now – In September 2012

Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • missing my blog and wanting to start writing again
  • eating a bowl of oatmeal, because the weather is turning chillier
  • cleaning out my and Mr. Rosey’s closet and the laundry room
  • crying when I watch this St. Jude video
  • praying for all the people at St. Jude Hospital
  • getting teary when I know how blessed I am that our girls are healthy and happy
  • searching for desks, chairs, bulletin boards to create a study room for the girls
  • waking up in the dark
  • celebrating Mr. Rosey’s and Mary Colleen’s birthdays
  • volunteering less at school unless it means I can be with our girls
  • debating whether to buy Photoshop, so I can take my photos to the next level
  • choosing bed linens for the new guest room
  • watching “The Real Housewives of NJ” like a moth to the flame
  • reading A Discovery of Witches again, because I finished the second book in the series Shadow of Night and want to reread the first story
  • loving that M and C love books too
  • picking up purple mums to plant in the urns, so the porches look fall-ish
  • holding hands with Mr. Rosey
  • flipping the calendar to see what’s happening in October
  • hoping M does well on her first science test
  • knowing more about plant and animal cells than I thought
  • researching hard wood floors, fireplaces and bookshelves
  • helping C learn to read and add
  • wanting to do some creative projects with family photos
  • forgiving more
  • smiling when the girls get off the bus and Mr. Rosey walks through the door
  • trying to be thoughtful with money
  • enjoying my quiet time at home
  • turning into crazy mama when another pair of socks is left on the floor for Lucy to chew on and ruin
  • flipping through magazines for Halloween costume ideas for the girls
  • planning a thankful family tree for November
  • thinking about Christmas and wish lists
  • stressing about who’s going to watch Lucy when we go the Purdue / Michigan football game
  • wishing the back pond would fill up with water again
  • worrying about Dad and his transition to a new job
  • sleeping at night with the windows cracked and snuggling with Mr. Rosey to keep warm
  • comforting C when first grade is too much
  • crossing my fingers that we get to see the Albrights at the Michigan / Illinois football game
  • laughing with Mr. Rosey as he tackles the girls to wake them up in the morning
  • wondering about my life and how to be the best me
  • signing up for the class – Project Real Life
  • knowing I need to start exercising
  • making homey fall foods like chili, apple pie, Nana’s meatballs
  • pinning ideas to my pinterest page
  • cheering M at her flag football games
  • listening to the silence after the morning rush

For the Love of Poppa

Today is May 18th and it’s a very special day, because of a very special man.  We call him Ira, Dad, Poppa… and it is his birthday.

I remember the first time I met Poppa.  It was in Mr. Rosey’s apartment on Armitage.  I was very nervous.  I wanted to make a good first impression.  Yeah know… “You only get one chance to make a first impression” and I wanted mine to be great, not good.  Poppa and Mimi were welcoming and genuine and I felt right at home.  From that first meeting, I’ve always felt a special bond with Poppa.  Remember… he is a special man.  More than eleven years after our first meeting, this is what I know and love about Poppa…from a loving daughter-in-law’s perspective.

  • He likes prunes.
  • He is inquisitive and always learning.
  • He cries… joyfully.
  • Poppa writes beautiful poems.
  • He is thoughtful of others and critical of himself.
  • He likes a t-shirt with a pocket for his pen.
  • His love for his family is boundless.
  • He likes cribbage and wants to win.
  • When he is done… he is done.
  • He loves music.
  • He is kind and generous, both in deeds and spirit.
  • He likes to nibble and eat leftovers… cold and with ketchup.
  • He is a good teacher and role model for Mr. Rosey and us.
  • He appreciates a good conversation.
  • He takes remarkable care of his body, both nutritionally and physically.
  • He loves to read and write.
  • He is a mentsh.
  • He gets frustrated with technology, but is tenacious and keeps plugging away.
  • He is goofy.
  • His blood runs maize and blue and he roots for Michigan to win, even against his alma mater.  (This one confounds me.  How he could root against Purdue?)
  • He is honest and gently truthful.
  • He likes to have fun.
  • He has a nice smile and blue eyes.
  • He appreciates solitude.
  • He likes to eat at Egg Harbor and lucky for him, Little Mis C, Big Sis M and Mimi do too.
  • He is beautiful.
  • He is special.
All of these things are true of this man… Ira, Dad, Poppa.  When we called Poppa today to sing Happy Birthday, it was lovely.  The girls sang.  Mr. Rosey sang.  I sang.  At the end Mr. Rosey said “Hey Dad, we were all in tune!!”  And we were and Poppa was crying… joyfully.