Life Lessons Day 26:: Happiness Comes From Within

Snow HappinessOn Saturday, the Girlies were getting dressed for the Girl Scout Mass and Little Miss C was in a big fit over what to wear. Nothing I pulled from her closet made her happy. There were big tears. A lot of foot stomping. Some pretty good pouts, as only a 7 year old can do. Aunt Mary tried to help, but Little Miss C was having none-of-it.

I had to walk away, because I was getting sucked into the emotional tantrum. I needed a breather. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

After a few minutes of yoga breathing, I went back into her bedroom. With clothes strewn over the bed, I pulled Little Miss C onto my lap to comfort her. When her tears stopped, I asked “What is the real problem here? Why are you crying?”

{She}: “I want to look pretty.”

{Me}: Hmmm… as my mind is racing on how to respond and then this… “Little Miss C, you are already pretty on the inside and the outside. You don’t need clothes to be pretty.”

{She}: She’s thinking…. and then “Really?”

{Me}: “Yes, really. Pretty comes from within. You are already pretty. The clothes don’t make YOU pretty.”

She hugged me, jumped off my lap, changed her clothes, smiled and skipped out of her room.

My dear Girlies. This is an important life lesson. Happiness comes from within. Repeat that and really hear it.

Happiness, true happiness, comes from within you.

Happiness doesn’t come from stuff. It doesn’t come from clothes or food or a big house or from friends or your family. Certainly, people can disappoint you or do mean things. But it’s up to you to set boundaries for yourself and not allow toxic people into your life. It’s up to you.

Happiness comes from within you, because of who you are, not the stuff around you. Your life will be full of happiness, because you are a joyous, kind, grateful, considerate, faithful, compassionate, loving, forgiving, and generous person.

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