My Story

Welcome!  I’m Michele and I’m so happy you’re here.

I love our rosy life!  I’m wife, mommy, a midwestern gal and I like to make our home our special place.

I love to cook.  In my dreams, I’m a chef preparing totally yummy food for family and friends.

I love our home.  In my dreams, I’m an interior decorator creating a cozy space.

I love anything handmade.  In my dreams, I’m a designer working something simple into beautiful art.

I love to record the events of our life.   In my dreams,  I’m a historian recording the history of my family.

I love to read books and in my dreams, I’m an author with ten Jane Austen like books published for all to read.

I love Mr. Rosey and our two Girlies and that’s a dream come true for me!

My sister asked me “Does the name “Our Rosey Life” mean that everything is always perfect?”  Nope.  No way.  I wish…sorta.  Just like a rose, there is a lovely flower but there is also the stem with a few thorns.  Sometimes the project doesn’t turn out as I originally pictured it, but that’s ok.  Perfectly imperfect works for me.  Sometimes the recipe doesn’t taste quite right, but with a tweak or two, it tastes good enough to eat (with ketchup).

Are there days when there are ten piles of dirty laundry on the floor and the beds aren’t made and I can’t see the counter underneath all the “stuff”?  Yes.  Of course.  Are there many, rich moments when our girls are giggling and I know they are best buddies?  You betcha!   For me, it’s the whole flower…stem and all.  Our Rosey Life isn’t perfect, but it’s real and it’s ours.

So, come along and share a dream.  Be inspired.  Rejoice.  Live your Rosey life.

Here’s some more Rosey scoop:



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