Special Someones – My Haven Conference Experience

Sand Heart HavenDo you remember your first day of school as a high school Freshman?  I remember.  I was nervous…and excited.

The night before my first day, I remember spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear.  I lived in Arizona at the time, so it was HOT.  Do I wear a sundress?  No, that’s not right.  Jeans?  No way, sweaty mess.  Shorts?  Yeah, I think shorts is good.  Maybe the pink shorts?  Yeah… pink is good.  Whew!  I have the bottoms figured out.  Now what about a top?  Oh my…Backpack, Folders, Pencils

Is my backpack ready to go?  Notebooks?  Check.  Pencils?  Check.  Class schedule?  Yep.  As I’m digging through my backpack, I wonder who’s going to be in my class?  Will anyone be my friend?  Who will I sit with at lunch?  I’m the new girl.

As with most high schools, several middle schools fed into the high school.  Same for me, except my family had just moved to Arizona and I knew no one.  Not a soul.  I was nervous and then I remembered that no one knew that I didn’t know anyone.  I knew a lot of people would know someone, but no one would know everyone.  There would be a lot of someones and anyones and everyones, but we’d all be new ones to someone.

Are you with me?

Fast forward to my Freshman year of Haven.  Haven 2013.  I’m wearing my cute purple maxi sundress.  Got my tote bag?  Check.  Enough business cards?  Check.  Fun pink lip gloss. Yep.  Wearing a smile?  Sorta.Purple Maxi Dress

And I step onto the Japanese garden for the kickoff cocktail party and there is a sea of new faces.  An ocean of beautiful women… smiling… chatting… cocktailing.  (Cocktailing: Verb | meaning holding a festive drink while smiling and chatting).  There was music and lots of cocktailing.

And off I go.  The new girl.  Hoping to meet everyone or someone or anyone and certainly not no one.

And I did… meet some special someones… while cocktailing and in class and at lunch and eating dinner… who are now a few of my new bloggie friends.

I didn’t take many pictures (I’ve no idea why.), so click on the link to read more about a few of the special someones I met during Haven 2013.  Actually, they are more than special.  They are aaaamazing!  I had a great Haven Freshman experience and I can’t wait until my Sophomore year!


April Goals

I can’t believe spring break and Easter are over and we’ve marched right into April.  I keep waiting for the first signs of spring to hit Chicagoland.  Not yet.  I’m waiting.  I’m hoping.  I’m sooo done with winter.

When I think about spring… I smile.  For me, spring is about coming out of winter hibernation.   Going for our first bike rides.  Watching the first flowers bloom.  Getting my hands in the dirt and planting.  Raindrops and sunshine and rainbows.  Softball practices.  Deep cleaning the inside of our home.  More bbq grilling.  Sitting on the deck.  Seeing the pond come back to life.  Listening to the bullfrogs sing at night.  There is so much to love about springtime.  And naturally, my goals for myself during April have a springtime perspective.  What are your goals for the beginning of spring?securedownload-2

March Goals

I like the snow. I don’t like the cold. I know. I know. You can’t have one without the other. I guess what I really don’t like is the gray Chicagoland days. If the sun is brightly shining and the sky is blue, then it is super freezing cold and I’m ok with that. I know I’m a sunshine girl. I need the sunshine. The picture is from a recent day overlooking our pond with blue skies, bright sunshine and snow.  It’s a nice way to say goodbye to February winter and hello to March spring.  Ok.  I know.  I know.  Wishful thinking.  Maybe just hello to March.Photo from Feb 24, 2013

January Goals

In December, I usually begin to think about goals for the year – financial, family, home projects, personal development, and other good stuff.  I found this workbook (free by the way) Unravelling My Year Ahead 2013 and it was a rewarding and thoughtful exercise for me to dream and set goals for the year.  (More about Unravelling here.)  Do you make goals for yourself?  Well, for me it’s a good idea and useful process.  I am a planner by nature and planners plan, so I gotta.  Right?  Of course.

Then a few months back, I decided to break my yearly plan into monthly goals instead of one long to-do list that ran on and on and on.  You see, I’d scratch off one thing and add two more.  Then I had a run-on list with no sense of accomplishment.  Just scratch marks.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  I’d forget things.  Ugh.  Long story short, that’s how I got to monthly goals. (Read more here, if ya want.)

Beginning in January, I started taking a workshop called One Little Word 2013.  The word I chose for me in 2013 is rejoice.  (To read the who, what, why, click here.)  The January assignment asked us to think about turning our word into actions each month.  So one way I will do that is in my monthly goal setting.  I will say “I will rejoice and…” then list my goals.  I really do want to rejoice in my life, so this is a regular reminder for me to do so.  I also want my monthly goals to be achievable, so I’m going to try to limit the list to 5 things.  Who knows if that will work, because life happens.  But I’ll try and rejoice in the trying.Photo from Jan 7, 2013

Unravelling My Year Ahead – 2013

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

To be honest, I’m feeling blue today.  I think it’s Christmas withdrawal.  I work very hard to create a magical Christmas season for our family, which I love doing, and then poof… it’s over in a day.  Now I’m putting the Christmas magic back in boxes.  I’m feeling blue.  I think it’s because I know Mr. Rosey will be going back to work on Wednesday and I really like having him home.  I really do.  Even when he’s working from home, I can walk into the office and just…be…in the same space with him.  When he’s working downtown, I can’t just pop in and be with him.  I’m feeling blue.  I think it’s because today is a gray day.  We have a lot of those during the winter months in Chicagoland…. gray…gray…gray and cold…cold…cold.  A little happy snow would be nice.

It is hard for me to believe the end of twenty twelve is upon me.  I don’t know how I would describe last year.  There were certainly many times to rejoice and tomorrow I will share my list of Bests, Firsts and Favorites from 2012.  The Girlies helped me put the list together.  Yes, there were many times to be joyful.  And yet, there were times with frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness for me.  And many more just everyday days.  I suppose that’s a typical year – one filled with highs, lows and middles.

As I was looking to focus on something positive and inspiring for the new year, I came upon this wonderful workbook – Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013 by Susannah Conway.  Her “How to Use this Workbook” page makes me want to jump in.  Beverage of choice, music, doodles, honesty, possibility…Hallelujah sister!DSC02754

She’s created a marvelous workbook to think about… wonder about… imagine… and write down my dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, and beliefs for me in the new year.  What about you?  What do you hope for in 2013?  For me, the first steps in making a dream a reality is to brainstorm, write it down and make a plan.  The process of unravelling will be positive, motivating and uplifting for me.DSC02755

I thought I would sit down tonight, with a little glass of bubbly, after the Girlies go to bed and probably tomorrow while watching college bowl games and complete my workbook.  It looks like a wonderfully special way to close out 2012 and say hello to 2013.  What could be better than dreams, hopes, goals and inspiration for me, my family, my life?  A new day is dawning tomorrow and it’s called twenty thirteen.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

If you want to check out her workbook – Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013, click here.  And oh yes.  It’s free.  What a gift to give yourself!

Happy Anniversary Our Rosey Life


Vail, Colorado

Happy first anniversary – Our Rosey Life!  It’s amazing for me to celebrate my blog anniversary today.  Please pinch me.  When I began this adventure, I would have never thought one year could pass so quickly.  It’s been an unknown journey for me – this blog writing thing.  I think it’s like when a snowflake falls from the sky, lands on a mountain top, melts somewhere along the way and changes to water and continues to float down the stream to….where?  Who knows.  I didn’t know.

One year ago I began writing my blog and I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing or if anyone would care what I wrote. I didn’t know if I would like writing a blog.  I didn’t know if I would have anything interesting to say.  Would anyone want to read my stories?  Would my pictures bring a smile?  Would you try the recipe or read the book I shared?  I was a little afraid to put myself “out there”.  I still am.  Only some folks know I write a blog.  I guess I need to be a little braver, rejoice in my blog and share.

On day one, the only thing I did know is that I wanted to record our family memories and experiences and my journey, as I wrote here.  So I jumped in.  One year down the stream, so to speak, and 70 posts later, I know my blog has been a wonderfully, creative experience for me.  I love writing.  Yep, I do.  I love writing about our funny, family experiences.  I love sharing the simple and mundane things in our life.  I love the challenge of writing and creating.  I know I want to write more stories, so there is a storybook for Big Sis M and Little Miss C of our Rosey life.  Mr. Rosey creates a fantastic “Year in Review” video each year…FANTASTIC!  The Girlies love it.  This is my compliment to his video.  This is my “Year in Review”.

Avon, Colorado

Avon, Colorado

As the day dawns on another new year, I have a blank piece of paper and a clean slate and a refreshed screen.  I have a few ideas brewing about how to record our Rosey life in different ways in the coming year… more stories, more pictures, more laughter, more joy, more everyday life.  Some ideas will germinate and come to fruition and some won’t.  As you know, it’s the journey and the challenge that’s most rewarding to me.  In twenty thirteen, I want to laugh. I want to smile. I want to rejoice. I want to forgive. I want to create. I want to write on a regular basis and I think that will help me to fulfill my “wants”.  Yes, I hear you.  Who knows if that will work with my self-induced crazy, busy schedule?  I’m a wife and momma first.  But I want to try.  I’m excited to see what twenty thirteen has to offer.  What excites you about the new year?  Thanks for reading and sharing.

December Goals

I love the month of December.  I love that the season is about celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends.  I love decorating the Christmas tree by unwrapping the ornaments we’ve collected over the years and adding new ones the Girlies make this year.  I love breakfast with Santa and seeing the wonder in the Girlies’ eyes.  I love to drive down the street and see everyone’s home sparkling with lights.  I love the generosity of people for those who are less fortunate.  I love watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  I love all the special foods, which are cooked and baked only at this time of year.  I love celebrating my birthday.  I love the pretty papers and ribbons.  I love seeing the smiles on the Girlies’ faces as they read and do the Advent calendar item each day.  I love the Christmas books we read.  I love singing Christmas songs.  I love receiving Christmas cards from family and friends.  I love hearing bells jingle.  I love a white Christmas.

There is a lot for me to love during the month of December.  And it’s also easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and become task oriented or focused on what I need to do next.  My wish is to be in the moment this month and truly enjoy the special stuff about December with Mr. Rosey, the Girlies, our family and friends.  I wish the same peace and joy to you and yours.

Photo from Nov 29, 2012