Happiness is… an Inspiring Thought

DSC02823Happiness is…an inspiring thought. Santa brought me a one a day calendar. You know the kind where you only see one day at a time. On my calendar, there is an inspiring quote or thought each day and I’m really loving it. I get so excited to tear off yesterday’s quote to see what is waiting for me today. Yesterday’s quote was “Beauty is whatever gives joy.” ~ Etna St. Vincent Millay.  Hmmm.  Sit with that thought for a bit.  Yes, I agree.  Today’s quote is “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.  What a lovely thought, as I look out the window.  Some of these quotes will definitely be going into my Project Life spreads.  What quote or thought inspires you?  I wish you happiness!


Happiness is….Girl Time

Happiness is….girl time.  As part of our Chicago stay-cation and to check another thing off the summer fun list, the girlies wanted to go to the American Girl Doll Store to brunch and shop.

On the table during brunch there were question cards.  One question was “Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?”  Hmmm… interesting question.

Big Sis M said “Fly.”  Little Miss C said “Invisible.”

And of course, I asked “Why?” cause I don’t always care about the answer.  I care about the thought process and the how come.

Big Sis M said “So I can ride a broom like Harry Potter.”  Aha!  Makes perfect sense.

Little Miss C put on her shy smile and turned her head away.  She watches everything like a hawk, but wants to be invisible.  Aha!  Makes perfect sense.  Click here for more of the story.

Happiness is… Leap Day – 29 Smiley Things

In honor of Leap Day, which only happens once every four years, I’d like to celebrate the 29 days of February by sharing 29 things that make me smile.  The list is random and is simply what pops into my mind next.  Just 29 things that are really, deep down, always makes me smile… smile worthy things.

  1. Sunshine on my face
  2. When our girls giggle
  3. When Mr. Rosey walks in the door
  4. My Ugg slippers
  5. Putting my head on my pillow and falling asleep
  6. Pink pedicured tootsies
  7. The sound and smell of the ocean
  8. Sade “Kiss of Life”
  9. Hugs from Mr. Rosey and just knowing…
  10. My Grandma’s blueberry muffins
  11. Going out with girl friends
  12. Sandals and sundresses and carefree summers
  13. My sisters – there’s nothing like a sister
  14. Clean kitchen counters and floors
  15. Reading a good book
  16. Our girls reading books and knowing they are lovin’ it
  17. Pansies and hydrangeas
  18. In the car, listening to our girls sing out of tune and loudly, because they have headphones on and don’t know they are singing out of tune and loudly
  19. Sissy, Lillian and Savannah – Nieces are better than chocolate
  20. Chocolate anything and everything
  21. Chris’s smile and playfulness
  22. Visits from Mimi and Poppa, Patty and Nathan
  23. Jane Austen books
  24. Ice cream cones and cupcakes and cherry pie (not at the same time)
  25. Mary J. Blige “Just Fine”
  26. When I see our girls are really, truly buddies
  27. Birthday parties and a pretty table set for a family gathering
  28. Aunt Judy’s creativity with paper
  29. Guardian angels

Whoa!  That was hard to keep the list to 29 smiley things.  Once I got going, my brain took off like a rocket and my fingers couldn’t keep up with the stream of thoughts going through my mind.  And yes, I know.  I know I technically have more than 29 smiley things, but it’s my list and I can combo things if I want to…. so there!  I’ll have to do this again, cuz there’s still more in my head.

What makes you smile?  Have you thought about it?  Please leave a comment, because I’d love to know and smile too!

Happiness is….a snow day

Happiness is…. a snow day and a surprise day off from school!

We woke up Friday morning to about a foot of snow.  Finally.  School was cancelled and the girls were E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!  They were dreaming of sledding and snowmen and snowball fights and playing in their snow fort and hot chocolate and marshmallows and….KABLAM.  That’s the sound of their dreams being crashed when I told them I was going to the eye doctor and they were coming with me.  Yeah, I know.  Awful Mommy.  Lots of sad faces and foot stomping. -Continue Reading>