Life Lessons Day 28:: Give Back Generously

Hello Girlies.  We are nearing the end of the 31 Life Lessons.  Of course there are many more lessons I could add to the list and I probably will, but this is a good foundation.

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” ~William Shakespeare, The Merchant of VeniceCupcake red candleThe next lesson is one that is important to me – give back.  We are so fortunate in our life.  We are blessed with love, happiness, a roof over our head and food for the table.  Many others in our community, our country, our world are not as fortunate.  Please give back generously.

For me, I support charities that focus on issues impacting women and children.  Find causes that are important to you and support them.  Start now.  Don’t wait til you’re all grown up.

You can donate money.  You can donate your gently used “stuff”.  Donating is always a good and valuable thing.  Every little bit helps.  And…

There’s always an “and”, right?

And I want you to volunteer your time.  The reward from doing is immeasurable.  You will feel good about helping.  The people you are helping will feel better.  You will make that invaluable human connection with others.  Your community will be a better place, because of your efforts.  Your kindness and generosity will be an example and hopefully paid forward to help even more.

Michele Santa HandprintMy Grandma (your Nana) always volunteered her time in many different ways and she was the person who inspired me to do the same.  As you know, I volunteer a lot and give to causes that are important to me.  Your Daddy does too.  Hopefully, we inspire you to give back generously throughout your life.

To read the Life Lessons Day 1 through today, just click here.



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