Life Lessons Day 29:: Be Yourself

IMG_2049Little Miss C wants pierced ears.  Well that isn’t happening anytime soon.  Nope.  No way.

Why?  In case you might be wondering…

Because in my crystal ball…. I see one panda earring on the kitchen counter and one on the desk.  I feel one stuck in my big toe, because I just stepped on it.  I hear Little Miss C asking me “Do you know where my earrings are?”  And I hear me saying “Well if you put your stuff away…”  I see Lucy eating an earring.  How do I know this?  Because she eats the Girlies’ ponytail holders, socks and such.  I don’t get it, but she does.  And don’t ask how I know this.  I can’t go there.  (Hint – What goes in must come out.  Another hint – rainbow poop.)

OK.  I went there.  Sorry.

For all the reasons I mentioned, Little Miss C is not ready to care for pierced ears… yet.

So what’s a Mom to do?  Hmmm…. We compromised and we got her one pair of clip on earrings.  She loves them!  She’s happy.  I’m happy.

Then we went to pick up Big Sis M from Girl Scouts.  Little Miss C couldn’t contain her excitement.  She showed her sister her new panda earrings dangling from her ear lobes.  Don’t all pandas dangle?  Anyway…

As I started driving home,
Little Miss C:  “Aren’t they pretty?”, as she shakes her head to make the pandas swing.
Big Sis M:  “Uhuh.”
Little Miss C:  “Do you want some?”
Big Sis M:  “I like my ears just the way they are.”
Little Miss C:  “Don’t you want them to be cute?”
Big Sis M:  In a defensive tone “They’re already cute.  Just like God made them.  Right Mom?”
Me:  In a placating tone “Yes, Big Sis M your ears are cute just as they are and Little Miss C, your ears are cute with panda earrings.  Everybody’s ears are cute.”

Whew!  Everyone is happy with her ears, as I pull onto our street.

The life lesson for today is be yourself.  Be true to who you are.   Wear earrings.  Don’t wear earrings.  And do it for yourself.  There is only ONE you and you are special.  Celebrate your specialness.  Remember who you are and stay true to your beliefs and values.  No one else can be YOU.  You do that the best.  Remember to always be yourself.

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