31 Days of Life Lessons Day 1:: A Journey

31 life lessons I’ll teach my kids before I reach those pearly gates in heaven.  I know this sounds crazy.  I’m not morbid.  I’m not phobic.  Really!  I’m just a mom that wants to be the best teacher for our Girlies.  And yet I’ve been thinking… “What if something suddenly happened to me and I never taught our girls about….??”  Fill in the blank.  Who would teach them?  Only me, myself and I know my thoughts.

Our Girlies are little, 6 3/4 (yes that’s important to her) and 9 years old and growing fast.  How do I share the lessons I’ve learned so far with them, when they (understandably) care about the next play date or what’s for dessert?  Some life lessons make sense to little girls.  We are teaching those.  Some life lessons make sense to adults.  Who would teach them things only a mom, a sister, a woman, a girl should know?  That’s my job!  That’s the promise I made to Mr. Rosey and God when we decided to have children.  I want to share my life lessons I’ve learned so far with our girls even if they aren’t old enough to understand.  Someday they will.

The Nester’s blog has a 31 days series in October.  For 31 days each blogger writes about the same topic of their choosing.  Isn’t that great?  Eureka!  DING. DING. DING.  The light bulb went off.  I can write for 31 days about 31 different lessons I think are important to live a good life.  Ok.  Sounds great.  But… Whoa Nelly!  Hold on sista’.  Can I write for 31 days??  I don’t know.  Well…I’ve been wanting to get back to writing after the summer break… so this seems like the best incentive…so I think I can… so I’m in!  Ok, whew.  Now how do I make a blog button?  I’ve never done that.  But I figured it out.  I’m #610 or thereabouts on The Nester’s blog.  How cool is that?!!  Check out the other subjects on The Nester’s blog.  Back to the original subject.

The list is in no particular order of importance.  Some things will be simple.  Some things will be practical.  Some things you might say “Whaaaat the heck?”  And that’s ok.  I know the list would change over time, as I continue to grow and learn.  But right now, this is the 31 life lessons I want to share with our girls and with you.  Come back each day (hopefully) and read another one.  Let me know what you think.  Which lessons to live a good life are important to share with your children, your loved ones, your friends?

Day 1::  A simple thought to ponder.  Check out Day 2 – 31 below.

Day 2::  Shoot for the Moon
Day 3::  Smile
Day 4::  Make a Promise and Keep It
Day 5::  Be Grateful
Day 6:  I’m Sorry
Day 7::  Go To College
Day 8::  Fight Fair
Day 9::  Exercise Your B…
Day 10::  Forgive
Day 11::  Hugs
Day 12::  Let His Light Shine
Day 13::  Learn to Cook
Day 14::  Relax and Refresh
Day 15::  Honor America
Day 16::  Pick More Daisies
Day 17::  Be Early or On Time
Day 18::  Brush Your Teeth
Day 19::  Take Care of Your Skin
Day 20::  Save, Save, Save
Day 21::  Celebrate Life
Day 22:  Please, Thank You & You’re Welcome
Day 23::  Be Active
Day 24::  Make Mistakes
Day 25::  Show Compassion
Day 26::  Happiness Comes From Within
Day 27::  The Golden Rule
Day 28::  Give Back Generously
Day 29::  Be Yourself
Day 30::  Tell the Truth
Day 31::  I Love You



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