Right Now – April 2013

Yippee! Today the sun is shinning. It actually feels hot. The windows are open and fresh air is blowing in the house (so is the pollen but that’s another story). Hello springtime in Chicagoland…finally.

Cute sparkly sandalsRight now in my little corner of the world, I’m

  • wearing cute sandals.
  • reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, MD.
  • clearing out the first floor of our home to get ready for hardwood floors to be installed.
  • flipping through a catalog of toilets for the powder room.  Who knew there are so many toilet options? Not just plain ‘o flushing anymore.
  • researching summer fun stuff for the Girlies.
  • cheering for Little Miss C at her first softball game.C First Base Run
  • looking forward to watching the Girlies and Mr. Rosey dance at their recital on Saturday.
  • planning a surprise trip for the family to the most magical place on earth.
  • excited for lunch with girlfriends tomorrow.  It’s been way too long.
  • ordering a new light fixture for the guest bedroom.
  • listening to the wind blow and the bell chime outside.


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