Simple Thing Sunday: Sunshine and School Work

Last weekend, we had the first glimpse of sunshine in f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  Really forever.

It’s been nonstop raining in the Chicagoland area.  Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  We (like I had anything to do with it) broke records for rainfall.  Supposedly it is the wettest April on record.  I believe it.

Earlier in the week, my sister asked me what I was doing for the day.  I said “Doing laundry, running some errands, building an ark.”  She called me “Supermom!”  Thanks Sis.  Anyway… I thought I needed to build an ark, because it kept raining and we were going to float downstream.  You get the idea.  Lots of rain.

But finally, the sun broke through and the rain clouds went away.  So when the Girlies wanted to do their school work outside and soak up the sunshine, this Rosey Momma was all in.

Homework outside April 2013Do you remember your first days of spring and that great teacher would take everyone outside to do some schoolwork?  And you thought you had the coolest teacher ever?  Well, that’s the same feeling.  The Girlies couldn’t be happier.  Sunshine will do that.

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is sunshine (and getting school work done without complaint).


2 thoughts on “Simple Thing Sunday: Sunshine and School Work

  1. Congratulations on the departure of the rain! We, on the other hand, could use a little of that stuff! Love, Dad

  2. We’ve had some welcome rain over a an extended period of time as well. It was sorely needed! The saga of the loose tooth was also important! Time marches on, and nature continues to advance!! I am looking forward to our visit with you… exactly when I don’t remember at this moment, but I know we are getting there!! I am looking forward to our time together.!! Love, Dad


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