Simple Thing Sunday:: Peaceful Moment at the Beach

It’s hard to choose one picture from our vacation to Anna Maria Island. So many great memories and experiences were captured through the camera lens. A lot of “stuff” happened while on vacation – some good, some not so good and then some more good.

When I was scanning through the 200+ pictures, I stopped on this one. And I looked. My first thought as I looked “It’s an imperfect picture, because of my shadow”. But then as I continued to look… maybe it is perfect in its imperfection, much like life. When I look I see…

I see a Dad who took his kids to the beach, even though it was windy and chilly, because his kids really wanted to go. I see a cousin who loves to laugh and jump and cheer on his alma mater to victory. I see an uncle full of playfulness and sensitivity. I see a son who has compassion and understanding. I see a brother who is hurting. I see a husband who loves and supports completely. I see a man soaking up the sun in a peaceful moment.Peter Lying on the AMI Beach

This week I am rejoicing in a peaceful moment at the beach and Mr. Rosey… a father, a cousin, an uncle, a son, a brother, a husband and my best friend.


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