Simple Thing Sunday (even though it’s Monday):: Lucy

We just got home from our spring break vacation yesterday.  I’ll share more about our family trip to Anna Maria Island soon.  And that’s why I didn’t post my simple, favorite picture from the last week on Sunday.  We were traveling the highways and bi-ways of the midwest toward home.

It is sooooo good to be home.  I love going on vacation with our family.  I love exploring a new place.  I love that Mr. Rosey, the Girlies and I get to spend a whole week together without the demands of school and work.  I love the smiles and giggles and laughs.  I love the memories we make.  I love our togetherness and that we love being together.  And after all the fun, I love coming home.

My sister, Missy, and her family loved on Lucy while we were away, so I know Lucy was in good hands.  (Thanks Missy.)  We missed her so much and were so happy to see her joyfulness when we walked in the house.  Lots of tail wagging, licks and running from the Girlies to Mr. Rosey to me and back again.Lucy Shadows and Sun

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in this week is our dog Lucy.  We love her and I’m glad we’re all home.


2 thoughts on “Simple Thing Sunday (even though it’s Monday):: Lucy

  1. Dear Peter and Michelle,

    Thanks for your note about Anna Maria Island and your return and relief to be home. I had an interesting time, with a a few bumps along the way, for lack of understanding and expectation. I hope some of that was reduced as we got some clarification of our feelings. Basically, it was an interesting, and for me unique experience, and as we hashed some of my misunderstanding of our getting together.

    I apologize for any misunderstanding I experienced, and I hope the next time we get together I am easier to get along with, so that we can all relax.

    Unfortunately, I experienced myself as something of an outsider, and not particularly welcome by Peter. This came as something of a surprise and disappointment to me. We were able to talk some about it, but not entirely. I hope I can help contribute to a more cordial discussion and open discussion next time.

    In the meantime, you have my love and respect and best wishes.


  2. Congratulations on your time away and your enjoyment of the week!! Your “togetherness”shone through brightly!! Lucy also clearly was “glad to be home”! Your homecoming sounded joyous and a relief!

    We managed to get home without much ado, and it was “luxury” to take a shower without holding my breath! We are getting back into the swing of things, and reestablshing a routine.

    We went to a play on Sunday afternon, (our last one of the season), and found it most moving. We also had dinner guests last evening, and had a great time connecting with each other.

    Thanks for inviting us and putting up with some of my crankiness! All my love to you all…. Ira


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