Right Now – March 2013

Hello there.  Right now in my little corner of the world, I’m …Sunrise Anna Maria

  • most truly blessed to be married to Mr. Rosey and I know it.
  • peaceful as I watch the sun rise over the water of Tampa Bay.
  • happy the sun is shinning on Anna Maria Island (finally) and we can go to the beach or pool.
  • reflecting on all the fun our family had together this vacation… mini golf holes in one, scoops of ice cream, pool splashes, wave crashes, sand between our toes, good books, board games, good food, March Madness, chats, love and laughter.
  • excited to see Sr. Annina and celebrate Easter together.
  • cheering on Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament, particularly Michigan.
  • hoping spring will happen soon at home.
  • planning the vegetable garden, herb garden and flower garden in my head.
  • grateful my sister, Missy, and her family are taking care of Lucy, our dog.
  • thinking I’ll continue my 40 Bags for 40 Days project for a little while longer, even though Lent is ending.
  • keeping this short, because I want to go outside and enjoy my family, the sunshine and our last days of vacation.


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