Simple Thing Sunday 6:: Gymnastics

Since the summer olympics in London, the Girlies have been all about gymnastics. Little Miss C and Mr. Rosey read the autobiography about Gabby Douglas.  Fatheads of Jordyn Wieber and olympic circles were added to Little Miss C’s bedroom walls. The inside of our home has become one big tumbling mat – cartwheels in the study, backbends off the couch arm, roundoffs down the hall.  I’m waiting for the shower curtain to become an uneven bar or see a backflip off a bed.  Yikes!

The Girlies, particularly Little Miss C, have been asking and asking and asking to start gymnastics again and we finally did on Thursday.  All week I was asked “How many days til Thursday? What time are we going? Who’s my coach?  How many days til Thursday?  Do I have a leotard that fits?  Will you buy me a new leotard?  How many days til Thursday?  How many days til Thursday?”

And the acrobatics around the house increased tenfold.  More cartwheels.  More roundoffs.  More backbends off the couch arm.  I thought they’d explode before we reached Thursday afternoon (or at minimum, a lamp would crash to the ground during a gymnastics stunt – Grrr!).IMG_1850

The simple thing I’m rejoicing in is the happy anticipation our Girlies had for gymnastics class and how much fun they really had in class.  They loved it and can’t wait for next Thursday!



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