The Host

The Host by Stephanie Meyer is a book that hooked me right away.  Yes, the same Stephanie Meyer who wrote the Twilight series.  Have you ever read a story with a love quadrangle?  This was my first.  And so the story begins…

Earth has been invaded by alien “souls” who take over the human mind, while the body remains the same.  The soul knows the human’s memories, talents, thoughts and continues to live a peaceful human existence as if the original person is still present.

The “seekers” continue to look for more human hosts for their species survival.  Melanie Stryder, her brother, Jamie and her boyfriend, Jared are three people still free from the alien souls and constantly on the run.  Until one day, Melanie is trapped by “seekers” and instead of being caught, she kills herself thinking this will prevent the aliens from inhabiting her body and learning the whereabouts of Jamie and Jared.

Unfortunately, the “healers” have miraculous medical knowledge and Melanie’s body is saved.  A soul called Wanderer is implanted into Melanie Stryder’s brain to take over her body and delve into her memories to ferret out any remaining human resistance.  Except Melanie REFUSES to leave her brain and an internal battle begins.  Melanie floods Wanderer with memories of her love for Jamie and Jared and soon these memories feel real and true to Wanderer.  Wanderer becomes confused with conflicting emotions and goals.  Soon a “seeker” pushes Wanderer and Melanie to stand on the same side of the battle line to save the humans or at least Jamie and Jared.  And that’s the basic premise for the book with a lot more I haven’t mentioned like the fourth person in the love quadrangle.  You’ll have to read the book.

While searching to see if Stephanie Meyer is working on a new book I discovered that The Host has been made into a movie, which is to be released at the end of March 2013.  It’s always best to read the book first, at least that’s what I think and so does my niece, Sissy.  Happy reading and then happy movie going.



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