Hi There One Little Word – 2013

It’s a new year and I want a fresh perspective in 2013. So to help me… I decided to take an online workshop by Ali Edwards called One Little Word 2013. I came across the One Little Word concept in the middle of last year and have been thinking about the idea of one little word influencing my year…my life for a while now.

I’m going to try to tell this next story with honesty, without being hurtful, although it’s a fine line. For the past four years, my dad had been living with us out of necessity. When he moved in, I had high hopes for a positive experience and was excited about our Girlies really getting to know their grandpa (and vice versa). Within a short period of time, it was obvious my hopes were unrealistic. Even though I love my dad, he is a difficult person to live with. It’s very hard to parent your own parent and that’s what I felt like I was doing, except he is an adult and not my child. I thought I was doing a good thing, by inviting my dad to live with us, but it created a negative home environment for our family. This is a difficult truth to admit. I was miserable and so was my dad. I felt empty. My usually happy disposition was unhappy. I hated coming home to my own home.  I put up a good front…or at least I tried.  And yet, I knew things had to change…for me, for our Rosey family and for my dad. Fortunately, in August my dad was able to move into his own apartment and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my heart. It was huge. I’m still processing everything that happened over the last four years and living with all my feelings – sadness, guilt, disappointment, anger, relief.

And I still thought about one little word for me and words like joy, joyful, joyous kept resonating with me. I want joy in my life, except… I couldn’t use the word joy. I’ve always loved the word joy. I have an engraved rock doorstop with the word joy. I have wood blocks that spell joy, joy, joy. Big Sis M’s middle name is Joy. And that is the problem. Little Miss C always asks “Why isn’t there a doorstop with Jane on it?” Jane is her middle name. “How come you don’t have blocks with Jane on it? Or Christmas stuff with Jane on it?” You understand. I love joy. I couldn’t pick joy. Now what little word do I choose?

At the beginning of Advent, during a reading at Mass, the word rejoice was said. Aha! That could be my word. R-e-j-o-i-c-e! I like it. A verb – to be glad, to take great delight in, to make joyful, to feel joy or to give joy to. Yes! I think I found it. It fits. This is the one. Rejoice!IMG_1747

And that’s how my one little word found me or I found it. Not sure which. I was certainly looking. I continued to think about my word throughout December and I know it’s the perfect word for me, for my family, for this new year. It encapsulates how I want to live… rejoice in my heart! I can’t wait to experience my one little word, learn about my one little word and see how I grow with my one little word. So over the next twelve months I will…

  • rejoice with my family.
  • rejoice in the simple, everyday things.
  • rejoice in creative stuff.
  • rejoice in friendship.
  • rejoice in quiet, peaceful moments.
  • live my life AND rejoice.

I’m excited to begin my journey with rejoice. If you’re interested in learning more about the One Little Word 2013 workshop, click here.  I’d love to have you join me.  If you picked one little word for yourself this year, what would it be?



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