January Goals

In December, I usually begin to think about goals for the year – financial, family, home projects, personal development, and other good stuff.  I found this workbook (free by the way) Unravelling My Year Ahead 2013 and it was a rewarding and thoughtful exercise for me to dream and set goals for the year.  (More about Unravelling here.)  Do you make goals for yourself?  Well, for me it’s a good idea and useful process.  I am a planner by nature and planners plan, so I gotta.  Right?  Of course.

Then a few months back, I decided to break my yearly plan into monthly goals instead of one long to-do list that ran on and on and on.  You see, I’d scratch off one thing and add two more.  Then I had a run-on list with no sense of accomplishment.  Just scratch marks.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  I’d forget things.  Ugh.  Long story short, that’s how I got to monthly goals. (Read more here, if ya want.)

Beginning in January, I started taking a workshop called One Little Word 2013.  The word I chose for me in 2013 is rejoice.  (To read the who, what, why, click here.)  The January assignment asked us to think about turning our word into actions each month.  So one way I will do that is in my monthly goal setting.  I will say “I will rejoice and…” then list my goals.  I really do want to rejoice in my life, so this is a regular reminder for me to do so.  I also want my monthly goals to be achievable, so I’m going to try to limit the list to 5 things.  Who knows if that will work, because life happens.  But I’ll try and rejoice in the trying.Photo from Jan 7, 2013



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