Unravelling My Year Ahead – 2013

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

To be honest, I’m feeling blue today.  I think it’s Christmas withdrawal.  I work very hard to create a magical Christmas season for our family, which I love doing, and then poof… it’s over in a day.  Now I’m putting the Christmas magic back in boxes.  I’m feeling blue.  I think it’s because I know Mr. Rosey will be going back to work on Wednesday and I really like having him home.  I really do.  Even when he’s working from home, I can walk into the office and just…be…in the same space with him.  When he’s working downtown, I can’t just pop in and be with him.  I’m feeling blue.  I think it’s because today is a gray day.  We have a lot of those during the winter months in Chicagoland…. gray…gray…gray and cold…cold…cold.  A little happy snow would be nice.

It is hard for me to believe the end of twenty twelve is upon me.  I don’t know how I would describe last year.  There were certainly many times to rejoice and tomorrow I will share my list of Bests, Firsts and Favorites from 2012.  The Girlies helped me put the list together.  Yes, there were many times to be joyful.  And yet, there were times with frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness for me.  And many more just everyday days.  I suppose that’s a typical year – one filled with highs, lows and middles.

As I was looking to focus on something positive and inspiring for the new year, I came upon this wonderful workbook – Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013 by Susannah Conway.  Her “How to Use this Workbook” page makes me want to jump in.  Beverage of choice, music, doodles, honesty, possibility…Hallelujah sister!DSC02754

She’s created a marvelous workbook to think about… wonder about… imagine… and write down my dreams, hopes, wishes, goals, and beliefs for me in the new year.  What about you?  What do you hope for in 2013?  For me, the first steps in making a dream a reality is to brainstorm, write it down and make a plan.  The process of unravelling will be positive, motivating and uplifting for me.DSC02755

I thought I would sit down tonight, with a little glass of bubbly, after the Girlies go to bed and probably tomorrow while watching college bowl games and complete my workbook.  It looks like a wonderfully special way to close out 2012 and say hello to 2013.  What could be better than dreams, hopes, goals and inspiration for me, my family, my life?  A new day is dawning tomorrow and it’s called twenty thirteen.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

If you want to check out her workbook – Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013, click here.  And oh yes.  It’s free.  What a gift to give yourself!



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