Prayer for Peace

Lake Michigan Sunset

Lake Michigan Sunset

It is stil hard for me to understand what happened in Connecticut on Friday.  I don’t want to and haven’t seen all the television and news accounts, because it’s unbearable for me to imagine.  I don’t think the reason “why?” will ever be answered.

But I do know some things.  I do know I feel an incredible sadness for the precious angels and teachers who lost their lives.  I do know I’m praying for the families to find strength and peace to survive their heartbreak.  I do know I hugged our Girlies a little tighter this weekend.  I do know I told our Girlies how blessed we are to be a family and how boundless our love for them is.  I do know I told them they were the best birthday present I ever gave myself.

“Silent night…  Holy night…  Sleep in heavenly peace.  Amen.”


One thought on “Prayer for Peace

  1. Michele, Thanks for sharing… It is unfortunate that we get inundated with horror stories from far and wide. There is enough evil in the world without getting the latest disaster…. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!



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