December Goals

I love the month of December.  I love that the season is about celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends.  I love decorating the Christmas tree by unwrapping the ornaments we’ve collected over the years and adding new ones the Girlies make this year.  I love breakfast with Santa and seeing the wonder in the Girlies’ eyes.  I love to drive down the street and see everyone’s home sparkling with lights.  I love the generosity of people for those who are less fortunate.  I love watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  I love all the special foods, which are cooked and baked only at this time of year.  I love celebrating my birthday.  I love the pretty papers and ribbons.  I love seeing the smiles on the Girlies’ faces as they read and do the Advent calendar item each day.  I love the Christmas books we read.  I love singing Christmas songs.  I love receiving Christmas cards from family and friends.  I love hearing bells jingle.  I love a white Christmas.

There is a lot for me to love during the month of December.  And it’s also easy for me to get caught up in the hustle and become task oriented or focused on what I need to do next.  My wish is to be in the moment this month and truly enjoy the special stuff about December with Mr. Rosey, the Girlies, our family and friends.  I wish the same peace and joy to you and yours.

Photo from Nov 29, 2012



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