Election Day Fun

With the election day quickly approaching, I’ve had been wondering how to make the election day a special event in the Rosey home.  I’ve been thinking about food (I know shocking) and what to make for dinner (again shocking).  Should I make Chicago dogs and New England clam chowder?  Or should I grill classic American hamburgers?  Hmmm…  I must have been thinking out loud, because then Little Miss C said “Momma, I think you should make heart-shaped blueberry and raspberry pancakes for dinner.  We love pancakes and they’re red, white and blue like the flag.”  Done!

So our election day started by putting up Old Glory this morning and she’s been waving in the November breeze.

Everyone got to vote in the Presidential election.  I voted a week ago and Mr. Rosey voted this morning.  The Girlies had a presidential election at school.  Each student cast a ballot for either President Obama or Governor Romney.  Both Girlies were very excited to vote!  As I was driving Big Sis M, Little Miss C and her friend to basketball, the three of them were chatting about the school’s election.  “I voted for Governor Romney, because President Obama will raise my taxes.”  Do seven-year olds pay taxes in our country now???  Yes, I’m smiling as I listen.  “I voted for President Obama, because Governor Romney will take away my grandma’s medicine.”   Oh no, I’m sure Granny will still get her meds.  Then they reported that another friend said “Did you know that Governor Romney is canceling all PBS Kids shows?”  No way!  Not the loss of PBS Kids shows.  Yep.  Now I’m giggling full-out.  So cute.  As I listened, it was a reminder how impressionable children are.  As parents, we need to encourage and remind them to listen thoughtfully and with logic, even at 6 3/4 and 9 years old.  With all the wackadoo election ads, it’s easy for kids to be influenced by a one liner.  Ok, back to the school election.  I know you’re dying to know who won their school (K-8) election.  It was Governor Romney.

While we were eating dinner, Big Sis M said “I will hate it if …. is elected president and our country will be a disaster”.  Now Mr. Rosey and I have never said that, but clearly she’s hearing it somewhere.  DING, DING, DING and behind curtain #3 is a teaching moment.So I said, “Girlies it’s important to remember both President Obama and Governor Romney are good men.  They both care very much about our country.  They have different ideas about what is best, but the differences are what make our country special.  Regardless of who is the next President of the United States, we have to pray for that man to be successful.  It doesn’t help to hope he does a terrible job.  Then we ALL lose in our country.”

“We have to pray even more the President and Congress learn to work together.  Just like when you and your sister fight over who gets to pick the movie.  You both eventually agree on a movie and we get to have popcorn / movie night.  We have to pray that our government has a lot of popcorn / movie nights.  The goal isn’t to win.  The goal is to be able to find common ground even with our differences.”  At this point, they were ready to chat about something else, so I just said “Pray for whomever is the next President.  Pray that they do a good job for everyone.”   And we ate our pancakes.



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