Right Now – In October 2012

Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • loving that our Girlies had lots of Halloween fun and were so cute as Harry Potter (Big Sis M) and Hermoine Granger (Little Miss C).
  • appreciating that Mr. Rosey could trick or treat with us as well as Aunt Mary, Patty and Nathan and the Lane family.
  • comforting Little Miss C as she cries, because she doesn’t have a Hermoine Granger poster.
  • praying for all the folks impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  What an incredibly powerful storm.
  • contemplating with Mr. Rosey how to teach Big Sis M proper study habits.
  • voting early for my choice for the next President of the United States.
  • looking for the perfect branch for our family thankful tree.
  • eating way too much candy.
  • cleaning out the toy room to hopefully transition it to a study room.
  • decorating our guest bedroom and hoping it’ll be ready when Mimi & Poppa come for Thanksgiving.
  • trying to let the Girlies make their own mistakes… and then learn from them.  This is hard for me.
  • cooking comforting foods.
  • chuckling as Little Miss C tells Lucy to put away her dog toys.  If only.
  • reminding the Girlies to grab coats, hats and gloves as we’re racing out the door for school.  Brrr.
  • researching spring break trip locations.
  • reading Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and wondering when book 3 will be released.
  • smiling at our carved pumpkins when I walk in the foyer.
  • designing my December journal pages in my head.
  • watching the last of the red and gold leaves fall off the trees.
  • remembering that Big Sis M has basketball practice in 5 minutes.
  • admiring Big Sis M’s competitive spirit in basketball, as I watch her practice.


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