Life Lessons Day 31:: I Love You

I love our girls and Mr. Rosey. I love them with my whole heart and soul…with my whole being.  And they know this, because I show them each day. I speak the words every day.

Sometimes the drudgery (Isn’t that a great word?) of doing the laundry, making the beds, weeding the garden, brushing tangled hair, paying the bills… and the list goes on… isn’t sexy. Sometimes it isn’t fun. But I show them I love them, because I clean the house. Because I am the taxi driver from one basketball practice to the next dance rehearsal. Because I’m the Room Mom and Girl Scout leader. Because I manage our finances. Because Mr. Rosey knows everything at home is under control, he can focus on his work. I do all these things for them, because I love them.

I grew up in a home where we didn’t say I love you. Don’t know why. We just didn’t. And I missed hearing it as a kid. Three simple words. I love you.

I like hearing “I love you” from Mr. Rosey and the girls. I like saying “I love you” to them…every day. It’s normal for me to say to Mr. Rosey “Have I told you that I love you today?” And he’ll say “Yeah and I’d like to hear it again.” And so I do with a bonus hug.


I saved the most important life lesson for last and that is to love wholly and never take love for granted. Say I love you. Speak it freely. Show it often. Send it with a kiss and hug. Write it on a lunch note. Shout it as the car drives down the driveway. Whisper it in the night. “Sweet dreams. Sleep well. I love you.” And blow a kiss by the bedroom door.

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