Life Lessons Day 30:: Tell the Truth

Truth and Happiness2I can’t believe this is the second to the last life lesson for our Girlies.  Well… in all honesty, it’s not.  I’m sure I’ll continue to add to my list as the wind moves me and as our Girlies grow.  But for now, let’s talk about honesty and truthfulness.

Be honest.  Speak your truth.  Daddy and I always say that you can tell us anything.  Good stuff.  Bad stuff.  It doesn’t matter.  We love you no matter what.  And for sure, we can’t guide you through the bad stuff, if you aren’t honest with us.  That is the truth.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is one of Aesop’s Fables.  The boy yelled about a wolf attacking his sheep to play a trick on the villagers.  The villagers ran to help and found no wolf.  Several times the boy hollered when there wasn’t a wolf and the villagers went to help.  Eventually a wolf really did attack his sheep and when the boy cried “Wolf!” no one came to help, because they thought he was lying.

Moral of the story?   If you tell a lie, friends and family will question and wonder even when you are telling the truth.  If you are truthful, no one will ever question your word.  Invaluable.

Sometimes being honest is easy.  Sometimes it’s not and you’ll struggle with the right thing to do.  You may want to fib, because being truthful might be hurtful to someone you care about.  Stop.  Remember.  You can be honest with words from your heart.  You can be truthful with kindness.  You can lovingly deliver the truth.  Just choose your words wisely.

Honesty is best in any relationship.  Lies of are web of yuck.  Who wants the stress of remembering a string of lies?  Don’t you want honesty in return?  The truth will bring you peace.  Truthfulness is a measure of your good character.  A life of happiness is an honest one.

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