Life Lessons Day 24:: Make Mistakes

DSC03217“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Today’s life lesson sounds weird.  I’m sure you’ll squint your eyes and say “huh?”  The lesson is to make mistakes (yes mistakes) and then learn from them.  Everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok.  Use the mistake as a way to learn something new or something about yourself.  Recognize it as a mistake and fix it.  Don’t repeat your mistake.  Don’t dwell on the event.  Use it as a tool to make yourself a better person.  I think the lesson that goes along with make mistakes is to NOT be afraid to make mistakes.  Don’t be paralyzed by perfection.  Try something new even though it may not work out as you first planned or may end up as a fiasco.  Innovation comes from trial and error.  Give it a go anyway.  Make mistakes.  Learn.  And then make some more…. and learn more.

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