Life Lessons Day 21:: Celebrate Life

IMG_4649As I continue sharing my life lessons for our Girlies, I realize what a joyful process it is for me to write them down. I have eleven more to go and today’s life lesson is to celebrate your life.

Your life is a gift and worthy of celebration. Your birthday is special and uniquely yours. On your birthday, Mommy and Daddy fondly remember your birth and how blessed we are to have you as our daughter. God surely smiled the day you were born and each day thereafter. Your birthday is wonderful day! Make it so and celebrate… And do the same for your family and friends, no matter the age – young or not so young. A birthday can be wonderful with a simply sung Happy Birthday over the phone or a handwritten note or a present or a cupcake or a text. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just make the effort to show you care and remember his/her birthday. What’s better than being remembered on your birthday? What’s better than a smile on the birthday person’s face? Everyone should smile on their birthday. Be a giver of smiles.

In addition to birthday celebrations, rejoice in the life God gave you. Celebrate each milestone. Celebrate each mistake and the lesson you will learn from it. Celebrate the big events like a graduation or marriage and also rejoice in the every day, simple stuff like hydrangeas blooming in the summer sun or your sister’s laughter or a good night’s sleep under your comfy quilt. Your life will be full of blessings, both momentous and simple. Rejoice in both and give thanks to God.

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