Life Lessons Day 19:: Take Care of Your Skin


Lake Michigan Sunset, South Haven

Here’s another life lesson about basic hygiene.  Take care of your skin.  Wear sunscreen everyday especially on your face.  Go to the dermatologist to have a skin check annually. Yes annually.  You have fair skin and the sun is not your skin’s friend (except in the production of Vitamin D, but that’s another story for another time).

Wash your face to cleanse and take off makeup and then moisturize your face. Yes Girlies, I know you’re not old enough to wear makeup now, but you will some day.  Remember about brushing your teeth before bed no matter what?  Well the same applies here.  Yes, really!  No matter how exhausted you are, cleanse and moisturize your face before bed.  It will relax you, so you sleep better.  You’re less likely to get pimples.  You won’t get makeup crud all over your pillow case.  Who wants to sleep on makeup crud?  Yuk.  And your face will look clean and healthy.  And when you’re 40 and people think you’re 30, because you don’t have wrinkly, alligator skin, you’ll thank me.

You’re welcome… ahead of time.

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