Life Lessons Day 18:: Brush Your Teeth

IMG_0895This life lesson is a basic– do– it– everyday lesson.  Floss your teeth everyday.  Brush your teeth – two times a day.  Yep, Girlies.  That’s two times a day.  There will be nights when you’re exhausted, because you’ve been studying late or working late or out with friends late.  And you’ll think “I’m not going to brush my teeth tonight.”  Whoa…. stop that thought.  Instead hear Momma in your head saying “Pick up that toothbrush, squeeeeeeze that tube of toothpaste and brush away.  That’s right…  You’re almost done.  Good job.  Now go to sleep.”

You only have one set of teeth, that we will likely invest thousands of dollars in orthodontia and dental care, because you need your teeth.  When you’re 85 and you still have your own teeth, you’ll thank me (or at least be glad you don’t have dentures).  Your teeth will last a lifetime, if you take care of them.  Think “no cavities”.  Remember “sparkling smile”.  Think “my Momma told me to”.   Oh happy day!

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