Life Lessons Day 17:: Be Early or On Time



Hello Girlies.  As a reminder, I’m writing 31 life lessons to our daughters.  In the event I’m no longer here to tell them, they are written for them to read, giggle and follow (hopefully).  We are talking today about life lesson #17.  It’s simple enough.  Right?  Be early or on time. That also means, don’t be late.  Again, it sounds simple.  For some, this is the challenge of a lifetime.  Girlies for you, I hope Mr. Rosey and I are demonstrating the value of being on time.

But…. why am I late sometimes? Hmmm…. I know when I’m late, it’s usually because I want to do one more thing – fill Lucy’s bowl with water or transfer a load from the washer to the dryer or clean up the dirty dishes or make one more bed or…. and the list goes on. For me, I need to remember that all those tasks will still be there later and none of them are of critical importance.  None is as important as the people I am meeting!

What happens when I’m late?  I need to stop and think about the impact of being late.  At its most basic level, it’s inconsiderate to be late.  It’s selfish to be late.  I’m saying, by my action, that I’m more important than the person I am meeting.  It’s disruptive to walk in late. I end up missing the beginning of the movie and can’t get popcorn.  I miss the train.  I’m rushed and stressed and now wear a grumpy face.  I drive too fast, which isn’t safe, because I’m hoping the green traffic light gods will be on my side and I’ll be on time.  And the perils of being late list goes on.

Not a lot of good things surround being late.  So Girlies, just be early or on time.  It’s better for you and the people you’re meeting will appreciate it too.  And you’ll have time to get popcorn at the movie theater.  Simple.

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One thought on “Life Lessons Day 17:: Be Early or On Time

  1. Michele. I don’t recall whether I responded to this blog, but as with the others, it is always interesting and thoughtful. I am glad to be “on your list”. Love,Ira


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