Life Lessons Day 15:: Honor America


The life lesson today is about patriotism.  I believe we are blessed to be Americans.  We are fortunate to live in a country where we have many freedoms.

  • the freedom to speak your mind and have your own opinion
  • the freedom to practice any religion or not
  • the freedom to go to school
  • the freedom to choose any career you wish
  • the freedom to have children or not
  • the freedom to elect our government leaders

With these freedoms come responsibilities, as American citizens.  As a student, you will learn our American history.  It’s an amazing story full of bad and good, war and peace, trials and successes.

Girlies, we have a Presidential election coming up and it’s important to cast your vote.  About 100 years ago women in the USA were finally given the right to vote, which means you have a voice in your community, state and country.  It’s important to educate yourself about the candidates and issues and make an informed vote.  There are many places around the world where women are not treated with dignity and respect.  Remember that as you cast your vote.


Respect our flag.  Say the pledge with your hand over your heart and show honor.  Wear red, white and blue colors on patriotic days.  Wave the flag proudly.

Learn the “Star Spangled Banner”.  It’s our national anthem and worth knowing each and every word.  Sing it with reverence and pride.

Say thank you to those who serve in the military.  Those individuals serve around the world to represent and protect the freedoms we hold dear.  We have a long history of military service in our family.  Not only do the individuals serve our country, their families do as well.  Pray for their safety wherever they serve.

President Kennedy in his inaugural address spoke these often repeated words.  “…my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”  Our country is the magnificent place that it is, because of its citizens past, present and future.  Be a good citizen.

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