Life Lessons Day 14:: Relax and Refresh

This is my 14th day sharing the things I want to teach to our Girlies. Today is another simple idea, but very hard to do. We all have very busy lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 3/4 years old or 75 years old. We have a lot on our plate and a lot we want to do. Remember we choose to busy up our lives. It is a choice.

For every ying there is a yang. Balance in life is vital. Remember to relax each day, each week. Make some quiet time for yourself. Reflect. Just sit and hear the wind blow. Take a Sunday afternoon nap. Go on a vacation (and leave work behind). Watch a sunset. Read a good book. Listen to the birds chirp in the morning. Pray. Watch the clouds float across the sky. Just be still and silent and feel the sun shining down on you. Refresh your mind, body and soul.

I love this picture of Mr. Rosey and Little Miss C. At this time, Little Miss C was four weeks old and a Sunday afternoon nap was a good thing…. for both of them.

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