Life Lessons Day 11:: Hugs

Yep another easy peasy one.  This Life Lesson is about hugs.  Give them generously.  Receive them gratefully.

Each hug is a gift and a hug can mean a lot of different things.  A hug says I love you.  A hug means I’m sorry.  A hug says “It’ll be ok” after a boo boo.  A hug can be serious.  A hug can be silly.

A hug says have a good day.  A hug means welcome home.  A hug means I miss you.  A hug says you’re special to me.

A hug can be with your favorite dog, Lucy.  A hug can be between two special people, Mimi and her granddaughter.

A hug can be a group thing, between Aunts and cousins.  A hug can mean “Way to go!”…like we made a pretty cake together.  A hug can say “I’m proud of you”.

A hug can be between a Dad and his sons and say “I cherish this time with you.”

A hug can be spontaneous and just because.

No matter what the hug means to you in that moment, a hug is a blessing.  Give hugs generously. Give hugs with your heart.  Receive hugs gratefully.  Receive hugs graciously.  And hug all throughout your life.

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