Life Lessons Day 10:: Forgive


After the breakout of World War III in my car, I think another life lesson that is important is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is an art and can be really hard to do.  Everyone makes mistakes.  The little ones are easy to forgive.  The big ones are much harder to forgive.  But forgive you must!  In order to let it go, you have to forgive the person first.  To find peace and happiness, you need to forgive.

Holding onto anger or resentment only hurts the holder.  The person who has hurt you is probably living life as if nothing ever happened.  And you’re still mad.  You’re still hurt.  To be able to move to a place of inner peace, it’s invaluable to let the hurt go and forgive…truly forgive.  The bigger the hurt, the bigger the wound, the longer the path to forgiveness.  It’s a worthwhile journey, though.

Another important side of forgiveness is to be able to forgive yourself.  Sometimes I’m not the best mommy.  I lose my patience.  I get frustrated.  I get stressed.  And then I feel badly.  “Why did I say that?  Why wasn’t I more kind?”  When I make mistake, I tell you “I’m sorry” and sometimes after we’ve hugged, I still feel badly.  I need to forgive myself and let it go.  You will make mistakes, too.  You will hurt someone you care about at some point in your life – a big hurt and small hurts.  Apologize.  Hope for forgiveness.  Be accountable, but don’t beat yourself up.  Guilt is destructive.  Remember to forgive yourself as well.  Forgive yourself.

My Girlies, I hope you never have any really big hurts in your life, but God hasn’t made any promises about a life without hurts.  If you need help, seek it.  Know that Daddy and I are always here for you.  Remember that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  And you’re worth it.

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