Life Lessons Day 9:: Exercise Your B…

I bet you thought I was going to say body.  Am I right?  Well that’s a good one, but that’s not the life lesson for today.  Last week after school Little Miss C was doing her homework and said to me “Momma, my brain is tired.”  I think she was just plain ol’ tuckered out, but I was glad to hear that her brain was tired.  Hooray!  That means she’s learning.


Your brain is like a muscle in that it needs to be exercised and each side has unique functions.  The right side of the brain is mostly for expressive and creative tasks and the left side is mostly for logical and language tasks.  The life lesson for today is exercise your brain.

Use it or lose it.  Keep those synapses flowing.  Your brain has an unlimited capacity to learn.  Right now you are a student in school and of life, so your brain is engaged all the time.  Your learning curve is steep as a child.  But as you get older and finish school, you won’t learn as many new things every day.  So then it’s up to you to challenge yourself and exercise your brain in new ways.  Read lots of books.  (You know your Momma loves reading.)  Do crossword puzzles.  Paint.  Sculpt.  Write a poem.  Study math.  Play the piano.  Learn to cook.  Speak a foreign language.  Build a spaceship.  Design a home.  Do something you’re passionate about.  Challenge yourself to learn new things all throughout your life and use your brain to its utmost capacity.  You’ll be grateful when you’re 85 and the synapses are still clicking.

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