Life Lessons Day 7:: Go To College

We’re off to the Purdue vs. Michigan football game.  It’s becoming an annual family event and one we all are excited about.  Pom-poms, collegiate sweatshirts and seat cushions are packed and we’re ready to go.  Last year (2011) we all went to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the game.

And the year before that (2010), we traveled to Purdue for the game.  And it poured the entire game.  Ugh!  But we still had fun.

And then in 2008 (we skipped 2009), we were at Purdue.  Don’t be fooled by Mr. Rosey’s Purdue sweatshirt.  He’s wearing a Michigan t-shirt underneath.  The Girlies freaked that he wasn’t wearing a Purdue sweatshirt and thought he couldn’t sit by us at the game.  Too cute!

This year, we caravanned back to West Lafayette, Indiana.  Sissy just graduated from Purdue in August, so this is her first football game where she’s not a student.  WOOHOO!!

Mr. Rosey is hoping for a Michigan victory and I’m crossing my fingers for a Purdue victory.  Mr. Rosey and I used to be more competitive about our respective schools, but we’re older and wiser (wink, wink) so we keep the ribbing in check now.  Besides, we both received fantastic educations and that’s what counts.

We all love the Purdue All American Marching Band and can’t wait to sing “Hail Purdue”…even Mr. Rosey sings it and belts out the friendship lasting part.  It’s a catchy tune.

We love the hoopla at a football game and the game too.  It’s always a great family day.

This year, there was so much hype and hope about Purdue’s team, but the Boilers didn’t come to play this day.  Unfortunately, the game was over in the first quarter.  Can you say trounced?  Oh well.  Maybe the Boilers will be better next year.  Regardless, we all had a great time together as a family and that’s what memories are made of…togetherness.

As I said before, Mr. Rosey and I were very fortunate to attend great universities and receive stellar educations.  Growing up, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t go to college.  I know our Girlies will choose fine universities when the time comes.  It’s a given they will finish elementary school, middle school, high school and then proceed to college (or at least that’s our hope for them).  But just in case the Girlies wonder… that’s life lesson #7:  Go to college.  Take in all college has to offer.  Remember you’re there to study and study hard.  It’s a great place to learn not only academically, but also life skills and independence.  It’s a good stepping stone to adulthood while still having shelter with Mom and Dad.  College is a fantastic gift!  College is expensive and not everyone gets the opportunity.  Appreciate it, enjoy it and learn.  Go Blue Boilers!  (I am the author of this blog after all.)

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