Life Lessons Day 6:: I’m Sorry

I picked up the Girlies at school yesterday, because Big Sis M didn’t want to lug her saxophone on the bus and “The air is really really really bad on the bus I can’t breathe!” (And there’s no breath while telling me this.) I get schlepping the sax. I guess I’ll need to add an oxygen tank to her backpack.

So while the Girlies load their stuff in the car, I stopped to say a quick hi to a friend. After a short minute, literally…really…truly a quick hi, I opened my door and World War III had started…in my car.

Holy crow! In screaming voices “She pulled my hair. She kicked me. She punched me. It’s her fault. No it’s her fault. She started it. No she started it.” At this point I haven’t said a word cuz I’m in shock. Holy crow! I whip out my olive branch and try to broker a peace treaty. Long story short, World War III started because a backpack was knocked off the seat. Uh huh. Big stuff.  (I don’t think I need to say this but hitting, punching, kicking or anything of that sort is not ok.)

And now we have hurt feelings.

An important part of brokering a peace accord is to say I’m sorry. Both Girlies had to say a heartfelt “I’m sorry” to her sister and give her sister a hug. I’m not sure how heartfelt it was, but each had to repeat the process until it at least wasn’t with gritted teeth.

So the life lesson for today is to say I’m sorry from your heart when you’ve done a wrong. We’re all human and there will be times when you hurt someone, accidentally or intentionally. Regardless, there is goodness in you. There is grace in you. Say I’m sorry from your heart. And with a hug helps too.

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