Life Lessons Day 4:: Make a Promise and Keep It

Ok Girlies (that’s what I call M and C when they are together), the life lesson today is about commitment.  When you make a promise to yourself or to anyone else, you need to keep it.  We are not quitters.  This is another rule to live by, but maybe not so easy to do.

Your word is golden.  Your word speaks to your character.  If you say you’re going to do something for a friend, then do it and do it well.  If you are on the softball team, then you need to go to practice and games AND play with your full heart, because your team is relying on you.  If you play the piano, you made a promise to learn how to play that instrument.  Keep the promise to yourself.  Can you hear me cheering you on… you can do it, you can do it, you can, you can… black and gold pom pons waving madly?

We all have the moments where we say “Why did I say I would make 1000 cookies for the fundraiser?”  or “Why did I promise to exercise with Daddy?” or “Why did I tell my boss that I’d have the report ready tomorrow?”  It’s normal.  We’re human.  And yet Girlies, you need to keep your promises.  Honor your commitments.  Sometimes circumstances change and you might have to take a different route.  But y-o-u know the difference.  You know if you’re keeping your word or just flaking out.  (Do people say that anymore?)  Even when you may not want to, do the best you can and just do it.

Big Sis M and I were quietly talking as she was trying to fall asleep last night. She has her first math club meeting today and she is excited to go, but unsure if she’ll really like math club.  She asked me “Mom, what if I don’t like math club and don’t want to go anymore?”  And I said “Well let’s see how the first couple of club meetings go and then we can talk about it.”  And she said “Ok… (Pause… She’s thinking now… and then…)  Mom that’s because we’re not quitters.  We might be stoppers, but we’re not quitters.”  Out of the mouth of babes.  Love it!  Amen.

If you’d like to read Life Lesson Day 1 through today, just click here.



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