Life Lessons Day 2:: Shoot for the Moon

Welcome back!

Before I made the commitment to write my life lessons to our girls for a w-h-o-l-e month, I was nervous.  Could I come up with 31 ideas?  Hmmm… let’s see.  While I was waiting for the school bus, my fingers started typing in the notes app and my fingers were flying.  Flying faster than a hawk in a dive for prey.  Pretty soon my list had more than 31 things and the school bus still hadn’t come.  Holy cow!  Holy wow!  This is good.  I’m set to go.

Now, I have a great list and where do I begin?  Which one do I choose?  It’s daunting to pick the first one.  Each one is important.  Each one has value.  But I have to jump in, so I finally decided on this one.

I think it’s important to aim high and try your best.  Always reach for the moon.  Give it your all.  Give it your best effort.  If it’s worth doin’, then do it right.  Sometimes you’ll succeed.  Sometimes you won’t.  But it would be worse to just sorta try or never try at all.  Did you put in “A” worthy effort?  Then Daddy and I don’t care what the score is.  It’s your effort that is important to us.

Girlies, remember to study hard and try for 100% on your math test.  If there’s an extra-credit assignment, do it.  (We’re trying to teach our fourth grader this one now.)  If you’re playing basketball, practice the dunk shot and go for it.  If you’re painting a picture, keep going until you see your vision.  If there’s a work project due, put your heart and energy into doing the best.  Reach high and touch the moon.

For Little Miss C’s kindergarten graduation (yes, the kiddos were cute), the team of room moms chose the same theme.  We wanted to encourage our kids through the rest of school and their life.

REach for the moon

Reach high and touch the moon!  The moon is lovely… and the stars are too.

To read the Life Lessons Day 1 through today, just click here.



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