Right Now – In September 2012

Right now, in my little corner of the world I’m…

  • missing my blog and wanting to start writing again
  • eating a bowl of oatmeal, because the weather is turning chillier
  • cleaning out my and Mr. Rosey’s closet and the laundry room
  • crying when I watch this St. Jude video
  • praying for all the people at St. Jude Hospital
  • getting teary when I know how blessed I am that our girls are healthy and happy
  • searching for desks, chairs, bulletin boards to create a study room for the girls
  • waking up in the dark
  • celebrating Mr. Rosey’s and Mary Colleen’s birthdays
  • volunteering less at school unless it means I can be with our girls
  • debating whether to buy Photoshop, so I can take my photos to the next level
  • choosing bed linens for the new guest room
  • watching “The Real Housewives of NJ” like a moth to the flame
  • reading A Discovery of Witches again, because I finished the second book in the series Shadow of Night and want to reread the first story
  • loving that M and C love books too
  • picking up purple mums to plant in the urns, so the porches look fall-ish
  • holding hands with Mr. Rosey
  • flipping the calendar to see what’s happening in October
  • hoping M does well on her first science test
  • knowing more about plant and animal cells than I thought
  • researching hard wood floors, fireplaces and bookshelves
  • helping C learn to read and add
  • wanting to do some creative projects with family photos
  • forgiving more
  • smiling when the girls get off the bus and Mr. Rosey walks through the door
  • trying to be thoughtful with money
  • enjoying my quiet time at home
  • turning into crazy mama when another pair of socks is left on the floor for Lucy to chew on and ruin
  • flipping through magazines for Halloween costume ideas for the girls
  • planning a thankful family tree for November
  • thinking about Christmas and wish lists
  • stressing about who’s going to watch Lucy when we go the Purdue / Michigan football game
  • wishing the back pond would fill up with water again
  • worrying about Dad and his transition to a new job
  • sleeping at night with the windows cracked and snuggling with Mr. Rosey to keep warm
  • comforting C when first grade is too much
  • crossing my fingers that we get to see the Albrights at the Michigan / Illinois football game
  • laughing with Mr. Rosey as he tackles the girls to wake them up in the morning
  • wondering about my life and how to be the best me
  • signing up for the class – Project Real Life
  • knowing I need to start exercising
  • making homey fall foods like chili, apple pie, Nana’s meatballs
  • pinning ideas to my pinterest page
  • cheering M at her flag football games
  • listening to the silence after the morning rush


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