Happiness is….Girl Time

Happiness is….girl time.  As part of our Chicago stay-cation and to check another thing off the summer fun list, the girlies wanted to go to the American Girl Doll Store to brunch and shop.

On the table during brunch there were question cards.  One question was “Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?”  Hmmm… interesting question.

Big Sis M said “Fly.”  Little Miss C said “Invisible.”

And of course, I asked “Why?” cause I don’t always care about the answer.  I care about the thought process and the how come.

Big Sis M said “So I can ride a broom like Harry Potter.”  Aha!  Makes perfect sense.

Little Miss C put on her shy smile and turned her head away.  She watches everything like a hawk, but wants to be invisible.  Aha!  Makes perfect sense.  Click here for more of the story.


One thought on “Happiness is….Girl Time

  1. Madeline and Charlotte – I am tearing my hair out trying to be funny. I think you girls are beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


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