For the Love of Poppa

Today is May 18th and it’s a very special day, because of a very special man.  We call him Ira, Dad, Poppa… and it is his birthday.

I remember the first time I met Poppa.  It was in Mr. Rosey’s apartment on Armitage.  I was very nervous.  I wanted to make a good first impression.  Yeah know… “You only get one chance to make a first impression” and I wanted mine to be great, not good.  Poppa and Mimi were welcoming and genuine and I felt right at home.  From that first meeting, I’ve always felt a special bond with Poppa.  Remember… he is a special man.  More than eleven years after our first meeting, this is what I know and love about Poppa…from a loving daughter-in-law’s perspective.

  • He likes prunes.
  • He is inquisitive and always learning.
  • He cries… joyfully.
  • Poppa writes beautiful poems.
  • He is thoughtful of others and critical of himself.
  • He likes a t-shirt with a pocket for his pen.
  • His love for his family is boundless.
  • He likes cribbage and wants to win.
  • When he is done… he is done.
  • He loves music.
  • He is kind and generous, both in deeds and spirit.
  • He likes to nibble and eat leftovers… cold and with ketchup.
  • He is a good teacher and role model for Mr. Rosey and us.
  • He appreciates a good conversation.
  • He takes remarkable care of his body, both nutritionally and physically.
  • He loves to read and write.
  • He is a mentsh.
  • He gets frustrated with technology, but is tenacious and keeps plugging away.
  • He is goofy.
  • His blood runs maize and blue and he roots for Michigan to win, even against his alma mater.  (This one confounds me.  How he could root against Purdue?)
  • He is honest and gently truthful.
  • He likes to have fun.
  • He has a nice smile and blue eyes.
  • He appreciates solitude.
  • He likes to eat at Egg Harbor and lucky for him, Little Mis C, Big Sis M and Mimi do too.
  • He is beautiful.
  • He is special.
All of these things are true of this man… Ira, Dad, Poppa.  When we called Poppa today to sing Happy Birthday, it was lovely.  The girls sang.  Mr. Rosey sang.  I sang.  At the end Mr. Rosey said “Hey Dad, we were all in tune!!”  And we were and Poppa was crying… joyfully.


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