I’ve been away a while.  My Dad was hospitalized and I had eye surgery (more about that later) and Little Miss C got an ear infection.  Thank goodness for Mimi flying in (literally) to save the day.  She is such a blessing in our life and I am truly thankful for her love, help and support.  Except for the surgery, nothing was planned but I still had to manage “life” and that didn’t leave free time to blog.  I’ve missed writing and I’m glad to have a few moments now.

Remember when I shared my word to live by, live with, learn from this year? Yeah, you got a hint with the post title. You can find it here.  Well, I came across a beautiful doodle by Stephanie Ackerman at Home Grown Hospitality and I want to share it with you.  It’s a good reminder for me to remember me.   How important it is for me to simply laugh… Do what I love… Listen hard…Pray.  Everything in her doodle touches my heart and rings true for me.  I need to remember to be intentional for me, so I can live a balanced, fulfilling, loving life for me, Mr. Rosey and our girls.  Amen.



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