Happiness is… Watching a Puppy Do Puppy Things

Happiness is…. watching a puppy do puppy things.

The other day I was eating breakfast and I saw Lucy on the deck acting weird and jumping around. As I looked out the window, this is what I saw.

She is looking at a fly. The fly is alive. Why a fly is alive in the middle of February is beyond me, but it’s alive. Not super alive – like it’s going to fly away, but alive – I can wriggle my legs and get that dog’s attention alive.

The fly is on it’s back and occasionally moves and Lucy does this.

Then the fly moves again and Lucy does this.

It was so funny. This continues for about 30 more seconds and I am cracking up! I’m wishing the girls and Mr. Rosey were home, so they could enjoy this moment too. Then I think Lucy swatted the fly and it fell between the deck boards. Play time is over. Waaaaa.

It was so good to start the day with a good belly laugh. Happiness is…watching a puppy do puppy things. Woof woof.



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