Happiness is….a snow day

Happiness is…. a snow day and a surprise day off from school!

We woke up Friday morning to about a foot of snow.  Finally.  School was cancelled and the girls were E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!  They were dreaming of sledding and snowmen and snowball fights and playing in their snow fort and hot chocolate and marshmallows and….KABLAM.  That’s the sound of their dreams being crashed when I told them I was going to the eye doctor and they were coming with me.  Yeah, I know.  Awful Mommy.  Lots of sad faces and foot stomping.

Awful Mommy turned into quick thinking Mommy and dangled the ever magical American Girl Store card.  “If you girls get dressed and are good while Mommy goes to the eye doctor, then we will go to the American Girl doll store afterward.”  I’m not above bribery in critical situations.

That did the trick.  Sad frowns flipped to happy faces.  Foot stomping changed to racing feet to get dressed and find Molly, Ruthie, Kit and Lanie and make sure the dolls were dressed too.

The girls were troopers at the eye doctor and so was Mr. Rosey.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention.  He had to come too, because I couldn’t drive after the appointment.  And he’s been super busy at work, so it was a challenge for him to get away for the day.  We had a nice lunch together, while Mr. Rosey was on a conference call.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention.  He never really gets away from work.  And after lunch, we went to the AG store.  Lots of oooohs and ahhhhhs and hand wringing and decision making.  “What should I buy?”  Yes, the girls had to use their own money.  Finally, decisions were made and we were on our way home.

When we got home, snow pants and snow boots and hats and gloves and coats were flying and outside the girls ran to enjoy the snow for a little while.  I couldn’t see very well and I didn’t get any pictures of the girls outside, except I did snap this one.

I thought it was cute how Ruthie, Molly, Lanie and Kit were all lined up in the kitchen to watch Sportsgirl and Princess play in the snow.  Happiness!


One thought on “Happiness is….a snow day

  1. I love that you were a “bribe Mom”! I did that many times with the boys—Only they maybe got an ice cream cone for that. We were impressed that they had to use their own money to buy the AMG stuff they wanted. Love, Mom and Dad


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