I just finished reading Matched by Allie Condie.  It’s categorized as teen genre.  I really liked The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, which was also a young adult book series, so I thought I’d give Matched a try.

The story is set in the future with strong George Orwell 1984 “big brother is watching” overtones.  In Matched, the Society decides everything…where you live, where you work, if and who you marry, what you eat and drink, when you can socialize, everything.

Cassia has always followed the rules.  There are severe penalties if you don’t.  At 17, Cassia goes to her Match Banquet, where Society decided who is Cassia’s perfect match.  She will marry her match at 21 and she will have children before she is 30 and she will die at 80.  Society decides.  At the Match Banquet usually you don’t know your match.  The face pops onto a screen, you receive a disk of information about your match and then you have a supervised courtship.  This is what Cassia expects, except she knows the face that pops on the screen.  It’s her good friend Xander.  She is elated.  Then another face pops on the screen.  It’s also someone she knows, Ky.  She is told Ky is a mistake.  But Society never makes mistakes.  She is now faced with an impossible choice and a curiosity (which Society doesn’t approve of) to make her choice (which Society doesn’t approve of).

The story premise is interesting and I found it entertaining, but the character development and storyline was light.  It wasn’t like The Hunger Games series, where I was rooting for the characters to win and couldn’t put the books down.  Matched was a very simple read and I could take it or leave it.  Because I read The Hunger Games and the plot is similar, I’d probably leave Matched on the shelf.  Ooohh, I hate to say that about a book.  Books want to be read.  Oh well.



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