Ice Skating 101

The girls got ice skates for Christmas and were bugging us anxious to go ice skating.  Unfortunately, it’s been too warm.  I’m the last person to complain about a mild, midwest winter, but this one has been really weird.  There’s barely been any snow – boohoo no sledding – and the pond in our backyard is not frozen – boohoo no ice skating.  So we decided to go ice skating at an indoor ice rink.

Both Mr. Rosey and I ice skated a lot when we were kids, but that was a loooooong time ago.  I’m a little nervous, just saying.  We laced up the kid’s skates and they were raring to go.  As I’m lacing up my skates, I’m putting on a good face and wondering if Mr. Rosey and I are going to spend more time on our keisters than on our feet.

When we stepped on the ice, there were 4 terrified Rosey faces.  “Man this ice stuff is slippery.”  I looked at Mr. Rosey and sent the telepathic message “Are we sure we want to be doing this?”  And I got back the “You betcha!” message.  That’s Mr. Rosey.  Ever positive and ever game to try anything.  So we each took a kid and did our best to stay on our skates.

Then we discovered the pint-size walker things (technical ice skating term) and that was heavenly.  Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at LIttle Miss C’s face.  It really did help with balance.

Big Sis M tried to use the walker too, but it wasn’t as helpful for her – too short.

Because the walker didn’t help, the wall and Mr. Rosey were Big Sis M’s best friend.

As I look at the next picture, I see where Big Sis M’s gets her bent ankles.

Little Miss C progressed to the wall and Mr. Rosey, too.  She really picked up ice skating quickly.

Both Girlies fell a couple of times, but got back up and tried to skate again.  That’s a good thing.  I didn’t fall (thanks to my guardian angel or the four-leaf clover and rabbit’s foot in my pocket) and I don’t think Mr. Rosey did either.  That’s a really good thing.

The pictures I took are terrible.  I know this.  But I give myself a break, because I’m trying to skate (forward, backward and sideways) and balance and hold the camera and frame the picture and check the lighting and snap the picture and not fall and break my new camera and skate some more.  You’ll notice there aren’t any pictures of me.  I don’t think Mr. Rosey wanted to attempt that juggling act.  And I still wanted to record this special day for our family… blurry, poorly lit, wackadoo facial expressions and all.  We had a great time together and the girls finished ice skating 101 with all gold stars!


One thought on “Ice Skating 101

  1. What an adventurous group!! The commentary was a riot, and Madeline and Charlotte are obviously growing and looking more “grown up” (and pretty)!
    You guys clearly show promise. Keep us posted, if you get any offers for demonstrations of bravery and grace under fire!!
    Love, Poppa


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