100 Days of School

The Girlies just reached a milestone…100 days of school for this year.  Woohoo!

Little Miss C made a 100 day hat at school and Mr. Rosey is stylin’ it too.  (Oh my, please ignore the collection of whatnots on the refrigerator.  But now that I asked you to not look, you’re looking right?)

To mark the 100th day of school, Little Miss C needed to make a project with 100 somethings.  We talked about a bunch of different ideas.  She wanted to group 100 pennies and I said we’d have to glue them down.  She didn’t like that part because she couldn’t buy a treat for herself.  Oh my, a dollar goes far when you are 6 years old.  She found a princess puzzle with 100 pieces, but again the glue part didn’t work for her.  She wouldn’t be able to do the puzzle again.  After much thinking, she finally decided on making hearts, because the 100th day of school was close to Valentine’s Day.

It was a very easy project and fun to make together.  All you need is a stapler and paper strips (1 inch wide by 4.25 inches long).  Don’t use construction paper, because it crimps when the paper is bent to make the heart.  I know this, because I started with construction paper.  Ugh!  I eventually found Valentine-colored text weight paper at Paper Source.  Paper Source has an amazing variety of colored paper and the store just has cool stuff.

To make the first heart, take 2 strips of paper and staple them together at the end.

Pull down each strip to have the unstapled ends meet.  Add two strips of paper on each side and staple at the juncture.

Pull down each strip to have the unstapled ends meet.  Add two more strips of paper on each side and staple at the juncture again.

Little Miss C was reaching her max at this point.  25 of anything is a lot.   Whoa nelly on 100!

Keep repeating the steps until you have a streamer of hearts.

Her finished project looked great.  Can you count to 100?

It was a cute project and made even better because we did it together.  She was very happy with her 100 hearts and that’s what counts!


2 thoughts on “100 Days of School

  1. How fun!! The whole family turns out to be creative!!

    This is poppa!! Congratulations on your projects! It is great to be in regular touch with you guys!!
    We are going to see a play at the FineArts Center here in town, tonight. The new arts director has some dubious ideas about what plays might be interesting. ….If we don’t like it, we will escape at intermission!!

    Love to the talented Rosenbaum family Madeline, Charlotte, MIchelle, and Peter!!

  2. Charlotte–what a great project you managed–the 100 hearts!! Your Mom told us how to do it, but I’m not sure I could do it. However, it was a beautiful picture of all the hearts and we hope you were happy to take it to school. Love,. Mimi and Poppa


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